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Best place to buy a WoW account

If you are looking for the best place to buy WoW accounts, you have already landed there. Every name on the listing page of GameZod is trustworthy as we check every little detail about a site before mentioning it on the platform for our users.
We check the past record of each site to make sure it doesn’t trick people or run away with their money. We also check user reviews on the sites to have an idea about the quality of services offered by the account shop. There are a lot of sites that offer WoW accounts for sale but not all of them are legit. This is why we pay close attention to every little detail before putting it on the list with other legit sites.
You can choose any site on the list we have made, but you should check out the delivery time before making the deal final. Almost all WoW Classic account shops offer an estimate delivery time to buyers to avoid conflicts. It’s also important to check out the payment method to ensure a hassle-free experience. You are unlikely to face any issues if you choose the sites we mention; however, you should check out the account details to make sure it suits your needs. 

What are the benefits of buying a WoW account?

People have been buying and selling WoW accounts for a long time now, and there are many reasons why people consider buying an account instead of creating one of their own. You can easily find a WoW account for sale, but it’s important to buy it on a legit site.
If you buy a WoW classic account, you will save a lot of time as you won’t have to level up on your own. You will get to choose an account of your choice in exchange for money, and you can enjoy playing the game without having to start from level 1.
Old players can also buy a WoW account if their account got banned due to some reason, and they don’t want to start over again. If your friends play the game, and you are joining them, you would want to reach their level as fast as possible. Well, you can do it in minutes by looking for classic WoW accounts for sale.
After reading all this, you must be interested in buying an account, and fortunately, you are in the best place to buy WoW accounts. GameZod is the most trusted platform to buy a WoW account as it lists the best available sites to do the job. 

Where to buy a WoW account?

When you buy a WoW classic account, it’s very important to choose a reliable and trustworthy service provider. You will find account shops online where you can buy a WoW account to get a headstart in the game and save time.
You will find leveled up accounts in such shops, and you will need to pay money to purchase them. Accounts with different price tags are available in these shops, and you can go through the list to choose the one that suits your budget. Moreover, you will find accounts of different levels, and the price is likely to increase as the level increases.
The best option is to go with a trusted platform as there are scammers everywhere on the internet. On GameZod, you will never have to worry about scammers as we never partner with any unreliable service providers to provide a safe experience to visitors.

How to safely buy a WoW account?

Safety is a big concern whenever you pay money online, and things have become even more serious these days. You can easily get scammed by an unreliable service provider, and you shouldn’t take it lightly, as you can lose money this way.
You shouldn’t take risks just to save a little money as you could end up losing the account after purchasing it. If you don’t want to get tricked into anything, it’s important to find Classic WoW accounts for sale on a reliable platform. GameZod is the best place to buy WoW accounts as it offers a list of legit account shops.
All the WoW accounts for sale in the sites listed by GameZod are available at reasonable prices depending upon the account level. There is no need to think twice while buying an account on these sites as they are safe. 

How much is your wow account worth?

How much can I sell my WoW account for? Have you ever had this question in your mind? If you have two accounts, you might want to sell one of them to get some extra money to spend on your main account. But can you sell WoW accounts? Well, the answer is yes, as you can sell an account in the same way you can purchase one.
Most places where you can buy a WoW account offer this service as well, and allow users to sell their WoW accounts. The price of your account will depend upon several factors like your level, average item level, pets, mounts, and legendaries. In simple words, you will get more money if your level is high, as the buyer will get more value.
The factors we discussed above can make a significant difference in the price of your account. If you are planning to sell your account, you should spend some time on it and level-up as much as possible to get more money for it. If you are good at playing the game and have enough time to spare, you can earn a good amount of money this way. 

Are mounts account-wide in WoW?

WoW is an interesting game, and it’s not an easy job to unlock everything in the game. When it comes to setting a price for a WoW account, several factors come into play. Mounts have a huge impact on the total price of an account, as they make an account more appealing. It’s impossible to get these mounts in the game, which means they are highly valued. 

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