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  • is one of most trusted and oldest OSRS gold sellers. Company has been established in 2014. Before launching website Food4rs staff was trading gold in various forums since 2010. Food4rs offers only highest quality service with 9.8 Excellent Trustpilot feedback rating with over 2000 Excellent ratings. Food4rs keeps their own gold stock at any given time to provide undelayed deliverys 24/7. Gold is obtained only from trusted sources which means that your account will always remain safe when buying from Food4rs.
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  • Rsmills is operating since 2017. It is relatively new seller but has excellent Trustpilot score (9.9). Rsmills will offer instant delivery any time. It has very easy and user friendly UI. Express checkout option enables <1 minute order process. Smaller orders (up to $100) are delivered within 3-5 minutes time frame if it is not peak time. Rsmills has wide payment methods selection including PayPal.
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What is OSRS?

OSRS or Old School Runescape is a MMORPG created by the British game development company Jagex. Old school runescape is the legacy version of the most popular MMO in existence - Runescape 3 - and caters to the nostalgic playerbase who enjoyed the “glory days” of the game. OSRS focuses and embraces the archaic olden style game mechanics that made Runescape so popular back in the day. These mechanics are old pixelated graphics and turn based attacks. Currently, Old School Runescape or 2007 scape is the more popular of the two versions and is constantly growing at a decent pace.

What is OSRS Gold?

OSRS Gold or OSRS GP is the in-game currency of Old School Runescape. Currently, you can purchase RSGP for around $0.55 USD per million gold from one of the sellers listed above. You can use OSRS Gold for many different purposes like purchasing better armour, speeding up the training of skills, and buying food and potions to help you with your day to day in-game activities. OSRS gold can also be used to play games of chance within OSRS’s duel arena where you can fight to the death to win your opponents money.

What are OSRS Gold Sites?

OSRS Gold Sites are websites that allow you to purchase Old School Runescape gold at a discounted price compared to purchasing bonds directly from Jagex. These sites give you a relatively safe way to get your OSRS Gold fix compared to purchasing directly from individual sellers since most sites have done well over 100,000 sales throughout their lifetime without any issues. Most Old School Runescape Gold SItes also offer other services like RS3 Gold sales, OSRS maxed main rentals, item case openings, account sales, and questing/power leveling services.

How to find the best OSRS Gold Site?

Finding the best OSRS Gold site to buy your OSRS gold from can be an excruciatingly difficult process. The main thing that you may be thinking about is “what if I get scammed”. For that we have a simple answer; before any of the sites are listed on our directory, the GameZod team has conducted numerous purchases from them between $10-$100 to make sure that they deliver on time and are trusted. This means that you can be rest assured that by purchasing from any of the sites on our list you will receive your gold. You can also make a small test payment for a few dollars if you are still debating their trustworthiness before making your actual purchase to determine their reputability.

How do we find the best sites to buy OSRS Gold?

Our industry partners like RSGilded and other RWT gurus have helped us create a list of the most reputable sellers. We then conduct our own analysis on the provided sites to make sure that they are indeed safe and easy/quick to purchase from. We do this by making 3 seperate purchases each with a greater amount than the last. This is to make sure that sites won't deliver your first small order and steal your larger order. Once a site passes this test, we then do background analysis on all sites to make sure that their owners are trusted and reputable. Only when all our checks pass will we add a site to our list!

How to be safe when buying Old School Runescape Gold?

Being safe when buying OSRS Gold is pretty easy. For one, Jagex usually only bans the sellers not the receivers so you should be mostly safe because of that reason alone. Jagex, however, has been known to ban buyers if you purchase over 200 million RSGP in one transaction so we suggest using alternate accounts whenever possible and buying gold in smaller 50M increments.

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