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Commision2%-5% depends on deposit methodBonus2% bonus with code: gamezodDeposit MethodsCredit CardsBank transfersCryptoSkrillG2A PayBuy skins for cashInstant sellCashout Methods Rating
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Commision1%-7%, depends on deposit method.BonusDeposit MethodsCredit CardsCryptoSkrillBuy skins for cashInstant sellCashout Methods Rating
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Commision0% fee for instant sell, 5% for listing item on Bitskins. Depost fees depends on deposit method. Bonus0.05% fee reduce after $2500 salesDeposit MethodsPaypalCredit CardsCryptoG2A PayBuy skins for cashInstant sellCashout MethodsVISACrypto Rating
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CommisionFee deducted from skin priceBonusCommission fee is reduced depending on sold amountDeposit MethodsBuy skins for cashInstant sellCashout MethodsPaypalCredit CardsCrypto Rating
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CommisionFee is deducted from skin priceBonusCommission fee is reduced depending on sold amountDeposit MethodsBuy skins for cashInstant sellCashout MethodsCredit CardsCrypto Rating
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Should I buy or sell CSGO skins with Bitcoin?

Yes. It not only serves cosmetic purpose in game but over the years CSGO skins prices did nothing but increased. Buying CSGO skins can be considered as investment.
Skins are purely cosmetic, meaning you’ll get no game advantage for having them. With that said, they look spectacular, and many players consider it worthwhile to collect them for a game they pour hours into.
Now you know how to sell CSGO skins with Bitcoin, you’re in a position of leverage. If you ever don’t enjoy playing the game anymore, or simply would like to cash out: you now can do so. The authoritative word is Bitcoin, as you’re no longer limited to Steam money, where you can spend BTC in the real world (either directly or via converting to fiat), rather than just on games.

Buy/Sell CSGO skins for Bitcoin

If you’re intending on a quick, thorough guide on how to buy CSGO skins with Bitcoin, or how to sell CSGO skins for Bitcoin, you’ve reached the right destination.
Regardless of your current experience with skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and your experience with Bitcoin, this page will provide all the information you’re ever going to need!

How I can trade CSGO skins safely?

Whenever you’re trading with Bitcoin, it’s important to bring up a point we previously mentioned: it’s decentralized. That means nobody can revoke your transaction, there’s no central party like a bank to contact to reverse anything.
So, if you are trying to sell CSGO skins for crypto (or buy), just use common sense. Does the person or entity you’re doing a transaction with have an online reputation at all? Have they just started trading last week?
Some of the best tips would be to do one or two smaller trades first but failing that, you may be able to find a mutual middleman to handle your transaction. However, usually, the entity/person having a reputation on a trustworthy website that moderates its members is plenty as if anything goes wrong: they’ve got a lot to lose, not you.

An interesting parallel

Now we’ve resolved the question of how to buy CSGO skins with Bitcoin, an interesting parallel can be drawn with CSGO skins. As Bitcoin fluctuates (if you choose to store your Bitcoin in your wallet rather than cashing out), so do the CS:GO skins market. That means you can make money through having skins themselves: influenced by various factors. One factor is that if the player base increases (for example, during Christmas or organic growth), the demand for skins generally goes up because the supply is down.
Hopefully, this guide has resolved any questions you had. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Why even use Bitcoin in the first place?

It’s true that Valve has a marketplace where you can sell and buy CSGO skins freely, and safely. However, there are some limitations: Valve firstly takes a processing fee for the transaction. This could be a few pennies for a skin that’s not worth much, but it can add up to a lot for bigger skins.
But, more importantly, you’re paying with real money, but once you try to sell your CSGO skins, you’re going to be paid Steam currency. This means you can only spend it on other games, other skins, DLCs, and the like: not actual money you can spend anywhere else.

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CSGO knife skins are very popular, and there are a lot of options available for players. Knives come from cases in CSGO, but it’s more like a lottery, as it is a case of possibilities. Relying on cases to collect knives isn’t the best option, which is why most people choose to buy CSGO skins. 

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Many knife skins are available at high prices, and selling a rare one can get you a huge amount of money. Buying such skins can be hard for a lot of players, as budget is an important factor here. Players having budget issues wouldn’t want to spend over $5000 on a knife skin. Fortunately, there are a lot of budget-friendly options for such players to go with. 

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Knife skins are commonly found on the list of CSGO expensive skins because of their popularity. CSGO skins prices vary depending on factors like demand, rarity, launch year, and knife skins are always in high demand. Some knife skins are cheap; however, most of them are available at high prices. Some rare patterns make knives expensive, and you can sell such knives for a good amount of money. 

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