Where to Spend WoW Classic Gold In-Game?


In-game WoW Classic gold can be used to purchase items from vendors, place bids at the auction house, trade other players for various items or to sell on an online gold trading platform. You can also use gold for additional purposes in-game, like buying stable or bank slots, training skills etc. There are three types of coins in the World of Warcraft: Copper Coins, Silver Coins and Gold Coins that can be obtained either by looting mobs, selling items to vendors, completing different quests or through online trusted gold selling websites. Although, you should always be aware while purchasing WoW Classic Gold online as many phishing websites try to scam new players.

If you’re a WoW player, you must be familiar with how important gold is in-game as it is used to buy various items like a mounts, armours, weapons etc. Having a good amount of gold can make it a lot easier to get ahead in the game. A recommendation to the new players who would progress faster buy an account online that is levelled to its full potential and has the best gear available to the class. However, grinding your way to the top is always fun as it helps you obtain a lot of knowledge about the game. Listed below are some of the things that you can spend your in-game gold on. Do not forget to buy WoW Classic gold from reliable sites.


Buying a Mount completely depends on your fraction, whether you’re a Horde or an Alliance fraction. At level 60, if you have the gold required, you can start to train your riding skill and buy a Mount from a vendor depending on your race. Humans can buy horses from Katie Hunter, who is located in the camp, east of the Elywnn Forest. Orcs can ride wolves, which can be purchased from Ogunaro Wolf Runner located in the Orgrimmar’s Valley of Horror. Night Elves ride big cats called sabers that can be bought from Lelanai, located near the portal to Ruth’ven Village in Darnassus. The Un-Dead’s can ride undead horses from Zachariah Post in Brill, just next to the Ruins of Lordaeron.

Similarly, Dwarves can ride rams, Trolls can ride raptors, Gnomes can ride mechanostriders and Taurens can ride kodos. These mounts can be bought from Verson Amber still at the Amsterstill Ranch, Zjolnir in the Sen’jin Village, Milli Feather Whistle in Kharanos and Harb Claw Hoof in the Blood Hoof Village, Respectively. Aside from these, there are Warhorse mounts available to paladins only and require the completion of “The Tome of Nobility” quest. Likewise, warlocks have Felsteed mounts available to them after the completion “Summon Felsteed” quest.

Finally, there is the Winter-Spring Frostsaber mount that is available to Alliance fraction and requires 840 repetitions of one of the three quests from Rivern Frost Wind, who is located at the Frostsaber Rock in Winter-Spring.


Vendors are in-game NPCs that buy and sell items. There are many types of vendors; Ones trade in general goods, trade supplies, fishing supplies, meats and the ones who trade in armours & weapons. They not only trade, but also help with the repair the durability damage on armours. Vendors associated with the respective fraction, also provide a discount on levels that are above neutral. For example, Friendly provides a 5% discount, honoured provides a 10% discount, revered provides a 15% discount and exalted provides a 20% discount on item purchases.

Apart from normal vendors that can easily be found, several vendors are hidden and need to be found by players by exploring maps and completing quests. Some of the top-secret hidden vendors are:

A freewheeling merchant called Defias Profiteer, who can be found in Westfall. He does have some pretty useless stuff; however, he sells rage potions that restore 20 – 40 rage and requires only level 4 to use. Jubie Gadget Spring, who can be found in Azshara, sells Deep Dive helmet schematics which is an engineering helmet and a novelty item because of its looks. Vi’el, also titled the exotic reagent merchant can be found in the frost mountain enclave in winter-spring. He sells some of the most valuable items to make potions, at a very cheap price. Zab Sguvsproket, found in the Alterac Mountains, sells Gnomish Cloaking Device schematics used for high-end players to bypass mobs. Wenna Silk Beard, found in the Wet Lands, sells red and green leather gears at a cheap price, which can be used to sell for a higher profit at the auction house.

Knaz & Gnaz Blunder Flame are engineering suppliers found in the Stranglethorn vale. Gnaz sells the schematics for the mechanical dragon wing, which can be very useful to players in PVP and PVE. Talking about Knaz, he sells the schematics for Deadly Scopes that can be added to your raged weapons to increase damage. Ruppo Zip Coil, found in the Hinterlands is quite similar to Gnaz as he selling the mechanical dragon wing, but the item from him is of a higher tier. Magnus Frost Wake, found in the Wester Plague Lands, sells highly efficient recipes for potions. Bro’Kin, an alchemy supplier found in the Alterac Mountains, sells frost oil that can be added to a melee weapon to have a chance of firing a frost bolt on an enemy. Finally, Kris Legace, a freewheeling trades woman, located in the Hills Brad Foot Hills, is similar to the merchant Defias Profiteer that is listed above.

Auction House

The auction house is a network that allows players to trade with each other using in-game gold and items. You can simply place your items for sale at the auction house, and it will be visible to the other players who search them up. There are a variety of items and supplies that can be bought here for reasonable rates, and you can even bargain with the seller via private messages if you feel that the rates are high. Auction houses are located in three different locations and are linked to one another, so it doesn’t matter which AH you go to.

Horde Auction Houses

  • In Orgrimmar, just inside the city from the Durator entrance.
  • In Thunder Bluff, the auctioneers can be found on the lower rise in the two tents.
  • In Uncercity, on the middle ring of the city.

Alliance Auction Houses

  • In Darnassus, just at the north-west end of the Tradesmen’s Terrace.
  • In Ironforge, on the outer ring, between the two tunnels of Ironforge and Dun Morogh.
  • In Stormwind, auctioneers can be found in the aptly called Trade District.