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What is Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress 2 is a game with a vast community, making virtual trading quite lucrative. The concept of trading in TF2 is similar to other types of trading but it uses virtual items like keys and metals as currencies. There are different classes and grades of items to trade. You will need to buy cheap TF2 keys to start trading and making profits!

But is it easy to trade profitably in Team Fortress 2? Trading has become quite competitive over the years. Newbies in the game may struggle to sell items at a price higher than what they bought it. However, if you stick to an effective strategy and find the right markets to buy TF2 keys and items cheaply, you can make good money in trading.  

Is it worth buying TF2 Keys?

TF2 keys can be used in two ways to make profits. You can either unbox a Mann Co. Supply Crate in the game or trade your key for a keyless crate on the Mann Co. Store. So, a key is a tradable tool and can be used to buy unusuals or other valuable items that can be sold to make profits.

You can find where to buy keys in Gamezod and select it from your backpack by clicking on ‘Use with…’ button to open a crate. Some traders even find rare items using the Mann Co keys worth up to 10k USD. However, most traders prefer to buy keys at cheaper prices and trade for more expensive items in the game.

How you are gonna use the keys totally depends on your trading strategy. But Team Fortress 2 keys are called pure items and cannot be crafted or found from drops. You can only buy these keys from online marketplaces or in-game shop.

Some places like Steam community market, however, can be very expensive if you want to buy keys for trading purposes. Traders prefer to buy keys from third-party shops at more economical rates.

What are TF2 keys prices?

In Mann Co Store, Supply Crate TF2 key price is always fixed at $2.49 / 2.10€ / £1.89. In other markets or shops TF2 Key price fluctuates. If you are a trader and buying low is your objective, you can find TF2 keys for sale at lower prices on online markets, TF2 trading sites or Team Fortress 2 shops which are all listed in Gamezod.

The real-world values of keys are not constant due to variable demand and constant supply. The fluctuation in the key prices is what you can use to increase your profits. Market arbitrage is another method traders use to make profits.

So, how much do you need to pay for TF2 keys? Some markets like Steam Community charge quite higher than others. TF2 key price on Steam is around $2.44. Other shops prices are in $1.78 - $1.95 / 1.47€ - 1.61€ range.

Is TF2 key tradable?

The TF2 key isn’t just meant to open crates. While you can use the keys to uncrate rare items in the game, traders like to directly buy items from the market with their TF2 keys. These keys are untradeable for 7 days after the purchase. However, for a new account, a 3-day waiting period is imposed.

You can use the keys to buy cosmetic or weapon in the game or from third-party markets. Some sellers are only willing to sell items for a pure currency like the key. So, without a key, you may not buy those items. Traders interested in a TF2 quick sell may only trade with you if you are willing to trade with keys. Keys and Metals are known as pure in the Team Fortress 2 community.

Where to buy TF2 keys?

There are a number of third-party online shops that sell TF2 keys. While you can choose to buy from the official Steam Community Market, you will find the keys more expensive and the payment options a bit limiting. Due to this reason, many traders choose Gamezod to find reputable third-party sites to buy cheap TF2 keys.

You can use a variety of payment options on these third-party sites including PayPal. So, traders prefer to buy TF2 Keys with PayPal from third-party websites that they can trust. It’s not a good idea to buy from Steam Community or Mann Co Store if making trade profits is your intention.

Can you sell TF2 keys for real money?

If you have several Mann Co. Supply Crate keys and you want to cash out, you can sell them on the market. Traders, when they have already bought the items they need and want to sell their extra keys for real money would do this. But it is really important to find legit sites where you can sell TF2 keys. At some sites you even can sell TF2 keys for PayPal. But if you are not careful, you can end up losing the keys!

Newbies are worried about investing in a large number of keys, worried that the money may be stuck in the market. You can withdraw money from the market by selling TF2 keys on a number of online markets.

Grab quick sell with your keys!

Many sellers in the game are willing to sell their unusuals at a less than market price but only if you can buy with keys. In a regular trade, you can use just a few keys and rest can be bought with metals. However, with a quick sell, you can get a nice offer if you pay purely in keys. This is where Mann Co keys can be helpful for traders. However, do not forget to keep an eye on TF2 Keys prices at all times.

If you have keys to buy unusuals, you can even negotiate for a better discount. So, having TF2 keys give you an edge while trading in the game. Some traders, however, would ask for a few refined metals along with the keys as payment.

How much REF TF2 key is worth?

Since TF2 keys are tradable in various online markets like,, and other third-party sites, you can get them with REF (Refined Metal) instead of real money. It typically costs around 50-51 ref on third-party TF2 items shops. However, this price can fluctuate over time so this price can go quite high or drop low.

You can craft REF (refined metal) but not the keys. This is one reason why people would want to trade TF2 keys to REF. But if you can find keys priced low on third-party sites listed in Gamezod, you can buy them directly and end up making profits.

Are there free TF2 keys?

‘There is no such thing as a free lunch”. It’s a popular saying and it turns out to be true for Team Fortress 2 keys. Very cheap TF2 keys for sale or listed for free are scams to dupe you. You can find cheaply priced TF2 keys on some marketplaces which offers Face2Face trading option because another trader wishing to sell them quick may charge below the market prices. However, no one would sell TF2 keys for free unless it’s a game promotion.

The latest free key was released on December 3, 2020. It was a winter 2020 War paint key. These could be used to open a winter 2020 War paint case. These keys turn into regular keys once the event is over.

Game events that offer free TF2 keys are rare and so is your chance to collect a free key. If you are a trader, you can make more money faster if you just buy or use TF2 trade bots to obtain cheap rates online and use them to trade in unusuals like hats.  If you keep on waiting for free keys released during events, you may miss the chance to buy some quick sell valuables.

However, there are sites where you can EARN free TF2 keys. You will have to complete some easy tasks like surveys, watch videos. Completing such tasks grants points which can be redeemed to free TF2 keys later. You can found such sites in our free CSGO skins sites listing page.


Key is the primary currency in the game and cannot be crafted in the game. You can only buy it from markets like the Steam Community Market or third-party shops. You will need Mann co keys in order to purchase items in the game, unlock Mann co crates, or sell TF2 keys for cash.

If your main purpose in the game is to trade for profits, it’s important to look out for the keys with cheaper prices. TF2 keys for sale at low rates will ensure that you collect a profit margin for every trade. If it turns out you have more keys then you need at a moment, you can always sell Mann Co keys for Paypal or cash.

But traders must realize that prices for every item in the game including keys fluctuate with time. Buying low and selling high is the way to make profits in Team Fortress 2.

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