Cheap CSGO Skins to Invest


CSGO Skins are alternate outfits of items in the game that are known as finishes. They are unique visual designs for weapons like rifles, gloves, pistols and knives, which was introduced in the ARMS DEAL update. Skins are a form of cosmetics that only affects how a weapon looks and has no role in affecting its firepower. You can acquire them through random in-game drops, by opening promotional or weapon cases, or by trading other players via the Steam Market.

The following article will showcase 10 CSGO Skins, as well as a few Knife Skins that you should watch out for in 2021, because if you’re willing to spend real money in-game, then these are the skins you should consider buying.

AK-47 Red Laminate

It doesn’t necessarily have to be in Stat Trak, and if you look at the minimal wear, the field-tested and the factory new of the non-Stat Trak of this weapon are decent. Talking about StatTrak, you might see the biggest jumps, and if you look at the lifetime, you can see that it has a good incline going up in the last month. So, there’s a run up on this, and it is an item you would want to keep an eye on.

Speaking of minimal wear, if you look closely, in the middle of last year, it was selling for around 70 – 80 bucks and looking at the present year, it has moved up to 170 – 200, which is more than double the price. Considering that this skin is from the Esports 2013 collection, it is going to keep going up. Here you can check AK-47 Red Laminate prices.

Desert Eagle Crimson Web

The reason for this skin to be in the top 10 is because of its clean look, and since it’s a part of the 2014 Esports Summer collection. Another reason is that as compared to the other Desert Eagle skins, this one is relatively cheap and iconic. Stay away from the battle-scarred version as it’s shooting up in value, but then again, it’s your choice. Coming back to the topic, if you can get a field test version with a nice float, it can be a good purchase. Other than that, the factory new exterior is untouchable at the moment. So, if you don’t already have a Crimson web, then a recommendation would get one while you can since the price hasn’t sky rocketed yet. Here is a price for Desert Eagle Crimson Web skins.

M4A1-S Dark Water

An OG skin that is underrated and belongs to the 2013 Arms Deal collection. The reason why this skin seems underrated is that it’s cheap and affordable. Another reason could be that players have forgotten that such a skin exists, but then again, it all depends on whether the player is into dark neutral colors.

The minimal wear being the most expensive version of this gun costs around 60 bucks, and if you closely look at the charts, the price keeps climbing up. The same goes for field-tested, the prices are shooting up, and over time they’ll end up going higher. Talking about the non-Stat Trak versions, they’re kind of falling in price right now, so if you’re looking to buy this skin, now would be a good time. M4A1-S Dark Water prices.

Glock-18 Twilight Galaxy

The main reason to highlight this skin is because its Glock-18, and basically, it is the default weapon, so players who would want to flex first round are going to be forced to use this skin. This is why Glock-18 skins are going to be always in demand. Secondly, it has an insane look with a touch of blue colour that is likeable to most players.

It is a part of a relatively old collection of 2015 called Chop Shop collection and its price is also low right now. Looking at the graphs, it has shot up in price and has shown a promising future. Glock-18 skins that look clean has good value to them, so if you’re looking for one, then this is a great buy. Here is Glock-18 Twilight Galaxy Price.

Desert Eagle Midnight Storm

An inexpensive affordable skin that has a good value in the Steam community market. At the same time, since it is iconic, players would want it at some point in-game. A recommendation while buying this skin is to buy the factory new version, as all the other versions look bad. So, if you have around ten dollars, then you may want to add this to your inventory and trust me, it isn’t an item that would make you regret it in the future. Marketplaces that sells Desert Eagle Midnight Storm.

Desert Eagle Sunset Storm

Sunset Storm is the brother of the last pick (Midnight Storm), and it belongs to the Rising Sun 2015 collection. This weapon is unique because it has two variations. There is one that has the following symbol, and the other that has a symbol of a man on the handle of the gun.

Now, going over to the Steam community market, when you look at the condition of this skin, it is generally going up in price. The battle-scarred version is the one without the face, and the factory new version is the one with the man symbol on the handle. Both are generally good in looks, but a personal suggestion would be the factory new version as the colour Is brighter. It is pricey as compared to the other skins in this article, but if you do have the money and are willing to spend it on a nice deal, then buying a Sunset Storm isn’t a bad idea. Check Desert Eagle Sunset Storm price.

AWP Graphite

This skin is a part of the Bravo collection and is quite famous. It is one of the cleanest AWP in-game because when you look at the art styles of the CSGO skins, there’s super flamboyant and other subtle skins that vary a lot. This skin has a lot of potential and there are a lot of cool stickers that can be added to this skin to highlight it more.

When you look at the actual pricing of this skin that only comes in the factory new and minimal wear versions, it has shot up in value in the past year doubling the value and is going to keep going up due to its rarity, as well as its looks. In the graphite condition, the StatTrak version is super expensive, because if you look at the lifetime graph, it’s gone significantly high in value from around 270 to under 500 bucks. So, if you get your hands on this skin, then you’re going to be making a good amount of money in the future. Here is AWP Graphite prices and where to buy it.

AWP Redline

A very prestigious skin that is liked by a vast majority of players. It is not only a skin that is in demand by a lot of people, but also an item that keeps going up in value. Looking at the charts, you can see that it has doubled its value in the Steam community market. It was around 26 dollars in the middle of last year, and comparing the price right now, it is around 45 dollars. Buying this skin solely for the purpose to make money is not recommended, however, if you’re looking for an insanely looking skin to play with, then this is the right choice. If you’re a baller and you have the money, then you can go for the Stat Trak version, but it isn’t increasing much in value. So, being better off with the non-Stat Trak version can be more beneficial for you. Buy AWP Redline.

Five Seven Candy Apple

There’s not much to say as it just a simple skin and the simplicity that it holds is what makes it a buying choice for CSGO players. Looking at the Steam prices, the value has gone up a lot, and another fact Is that it belongs to the same collection as the Glock Fade. Glock fade is easily one of the most desirable weapon skins, so there’s no surprise that Candy Apple is highly in demand too.

Buying it in minimal wear exterior is highly suggested and this is expected to increase further in price. So, if you like the 5.7, which is a great gun and are looking for something simple to go with it, then purchasing this skin would be a satisfying choice. Cheapest Five Sever Candy Apple prices.

SSG 08 Blood in the Water

This skin is an absolute beauty that can be obtained from the CSGO weapon case 2. The SSG is a fun weapon to use in-game and looking at it, there aren’t that many nice skins related to it. This skin is one of the most expensive ones out there and since it’s going to keep climbing up in value, it is highly recommended that you put your money into purchasing it.

Looking at the price charts, it has shot up, although it hasn’t had a good run this year when talking about the factory new version, it will make its way to the top shortly. The graphs for minimal wear and field test versions are kind of similar when you check their graphs and have known to double their value. So, if you’re going to purchase this skin, it is recommended that you buy the minimal wear version. Buy SSG 08 Blood in the Water for lowest price.

Karambit Safari Mesh

Karambit Safari Mesh is one of the lowest tier skins in the game and if you look at its chart, you can easily notice how its price has steadily gone up in the past few years. Being a low tier skin and pumping up in value does say a lot about the Karambit category of knives. Similarly, the Butterfly Safari Mesh, a low tier skin with high price value, and if you’ve bought one for around 260 dollars last year, you can easily sell it now for around 400 dollars for profit. Buy Karambit Safari Mesh for lowest price.

Butterfly Knife Fade

Now, if you look at this high tier skin in the factory new version called Butterfly Knife Fade, it is one of the nicest skins in-game, with a lifetime sales chart that shows a tremendous increase in its value. If you would’ve bought this skin at the same time last year, you could gain a profit of 700 dollars. Just imagine doubling your money by investing in an online video game, it is truly incredible. Buy Butterfly Knife Fade.

Flip Knife Fade

This skin is a desirable classic themed knife that comes in only minimal wear and factory new exteriors. There are no complaints from players relating to this knife as everyone wants a taste of this beautiful rainbowed knife skin. Fade knives have a good history of going up in value and a perfect example would be the Glock-18 Fade that looks perfect with this knife.

Looking at the steam community market graphs, It has gone crazily high in value, and if you would’ve purchased this skin in early January last year, then you could easily make a profit of 100 dollars today. Flip Knife Fade prices can be found here.

Bayonet Slaughter

This is another classic-looking knife skin that is liked by many players. Any Slaughter skin on any CSGO knife is generally a good buy because of its ruby-like look. Bayonet knives are also famous as it has one of the best animations, and buying this knife in either regular or M9 version are both beneficial choices.

Looking at the charts, you can see that the slope is relatively good and is making its way to the top. You could get it for around 500 dollars last year and then sell it for a price of 600 dollars today. The minimal wear versions are quite close to the factory new version, so if you can get your hands on one of these, it is undoubtedly a good choice. Buy Bayonet Slaughter for lowest price.

M9 Bayonet Case Hardened

This skin is very much likeable because of its uniqueness that consists of blue patterns in its design, and the bluer there is to it, the more its value will increase. You will hardly find the factory new version of it on the market, so that’s what makes it pretty rare to get. But, if you can get the minimal wear version for a good price, and a good pattern, then it might be worth your while. Compares to the other skins, it hasn’t crazily increased in value, but if you would’ve bought it at the same time last year, then you could make a profit of around 150 dollars today. M9 Case Hardened prices.


Hope this article will get you better idea what skins is worth investing in. Happy investing!