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TF2 Trade Bot
P2P Trading
Notable Features
Multi-game trading
TF2 Trade BotP2P TradingNotable Features
  • Multi-game trading
  • Easy to use
Multi-game tradingCSGODotA2RustTeam Fortress 2 Rating
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  • One of the biggest CSGO trading bot site. Offers huge skins variety.

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TF2 Trade BotP2P TradingNotable Features
  • Multi-game trading
  • Low fees
Multi-game tradingCSGODotA2RustTeam Fortress 2H1Z1 Rating
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  • Offers 1% (up to 1$) first trade bonus.

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TF2 Trade BotP2P TradingNotable Features
  • Auctions
  • Raffles
Multi-game tradingTeam Fortress 2 Rating
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TF2 Trade BotP2P TradingNotable Features
  • Easy to use
  • A lot offers
Multi-game tradingTeam Fortress 2 Rating
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TF2 Trade BotP2P TradingNotable Features
  • A lot options
  • PRO version is free
Multi-game tradingTeam Fortress 2 Rating
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TF2 Trade BotP2P TradingNotable Features
  • Buy TF2 items for cash
  • Sell TF2 items for cash
Multi-game tradingTeam Fortress 2 Rating
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What is Team Fortress 2 Trading?

While TF2 is a fun game to play on its own, the diverse range of items to collect, use, or trade has led to the creation of an expansive and fun community for this multiplayer FPS. The game features an incredible list of items like weapons, cosmetics, skins, utilities, and taunts. TF2 trading sites facilitate buying and selling of these items between people.

Trading has now become an important part of Team Fortress 2. The veteran traders are making some pretty good profits with TF2 trading. You start by buying skins and items from trusted online shops and sell them for a higher price in a TF2 market.

What are TF2 Trading Bot Sites?

There are a variety of ways to increase your profits while trading TF2 items. But you need to buy from reliable websites that offer low rates, to increase your trade profits. You can even trade with a TF2 trade bot, which is much quicker and easier than trading with real people.

On these automated trading platforms, you can login with a Steam account, choose items you want to buy or sell, and you will receive trade offers from a trading bot. It’s a much hassle-free process than negotiating with human traders. These trading bots are always online so you don’t have to wait for the owners!

Automated TF2 trading sites like,, etc are able to offer competitive rates due to bots competing with each other. Each of these websites may specialize in a different type of item. For instance, Skins.Cash is a useful site to quickly sell Mann Co Supply Crate Keys. is perfect if you are browsing where to buy TF2 Keys.

How do TF2 Trade Bots work?

TF2 trade bots are sites which does all trading automatically. They would automatically accept your exchange offer when their sale price is matched. While human traders would take a few days to respond to a trade offer, Team Fortress 2 trading bots do it instantly and can execute multiple trades in a shorter time.

But it’s important to find trusted TF2 trading sites to avoid being scammed. Certain fake bot sites would ask you to deposit your TF2 items first before you can trade the items you want. However, once you transfer your items an error message would show and you would just lose your items without getting anything in return.

It’s important to use legit TF2 trading sites to trade securely with other genuine traders or bots. There are many authentic TF2 sites you can use to trade in a wide range of TF2 items.

What TF2 Items Can You Trade?

You can trade all sorts of TF2 items on TF2 trading sites. If you don’t find what you are looking for on a given site, then look on another reputed site. You will find a number of sites to trade in hats, cosmetics, strange, weapons, and pure items.,, and are few of the best TF2 trading websites for these items.

If you are willing to trade in low-tier items, you can square off a deal pretty quick with a TF2 trade bot on these sites. Some of these sites offer quite good discounts if you do something specific to promote their name, like making their Steam group your primary one or adding their domain name to your Steam profile.

Each trading site may have certain advantages over another. Some implement certain trade restrictions like the number of trades you can make in a day. Others can be better for quick selling for cash. You will also find that some sites have more items listings compared to other ones. Besides weapons, cosmetics, etc, you can also trade metals and keys. Some sites are multi-game trading bots and you can trade TF2 to CSGO skins or other popular games goods like Dota 2 skins.

What TF2 Items Can You get From Mann Co Supply Crates?

You can expect any type of cosmetics and skins to be found from TF2 crates. Unboxing a crate is a major source of hats and taunts. What you find depends on the series of the crate. There are currently over 100 series and each series contains a different bundle of items.

For example, if you unbox the crate number 23, you can discover one of the following items with strange quality; Pistol, Scattergun, The Sandman, The Milkman, Baker Boy, The Boston Basher, or an exceedingly rare item. Traders hope to find the most valuable items like an unusual hat from these crates. But you will need a key to unbox these crates.

Once you find high-value unusuals in these crates, you can exchange them on TF2 trading sites for Mann Co keys and even sell TF2 Keys for real money.

How Team Fortress 2 in-game Crafting System Works?

Crafting is an in-game process that allows you to convert unwanted items gained through the item drop system into something useful. You can create as many as 156 unique weapons and 428 unique cosmetics with crafting. But not everything can be crafted. Mann Co keys and tools cannot be crafted and you can only buy them from various online shops.

As a TF2 premium player, you have access to blueprints needed to craft items including the rare or special items. You can even craft Scrap Metal or Class Tokens that can be further crafted using blueprint recipes in the game. You can create Refined Metal from Scrap metal using the crafting blueprints.

Rare items like Bonk Helm or a random head gear can also be crafted if you have the required items like Bonk Atomic Punch, Batter’s helmet, etc. It’s quite amazing what you can create with in-game crafting.

Is Crafting Profitable?

Crafting is quite good if you want new items to use in the game and can craft them with your finding from the item drop system. But traders discourage crafting if making profits is your goal. With crafting, you can sometimes lose the value of the item in the market.

Seasoned traders recommend buying keys at low prices and trading them for unusuals. These unusual can be bought and sold on reliable TF2 trading sites and you can make profits much faster than crafting and selling.

Also, with this method, you can aim for good margins and can guarantee profits. It’s also much easier to trade with a TF2 trade bot on websites like,

TF2 Item Quality Guide

Now that you know about several TF2 trading websites to buy and sell your items, which one should you consider buying? Nothing stays constant in the game and the demand for items may shift in time. However, knowing about the item quality can help you figure out the market demand and its rarity.

There are several item qualities but the three major ones are Normal Quality, Yellow Unique, and Strange Quality.

Normal Quality

This quality is usually assigned to stock weapons. These are pretty basic items that each player starts the game with. These items are not stored in the backpack and are available even if you lose connection to the items server.

Yellow Unique Quality

These are standard items used in trading. These are not very expensive and don’t have any special effect. It’s the default quality for items. These sell really well in the market.

Strange Quality

These are items that can track your kills. But this is their only special feature. Rest they are identical to yellow uniques and also have the same functions.

Besides these, there are other qualities like purple unusual quality, decorated quality, etc which are rarer and therefore expensive. You can trade TF2 items with a quality that is popular enough to be in demand but rare enough to have limited availability.

Most Expensive TF2 Items

The price of a TF2 item is determined by the rarity of the item and the number of buyers and sellers willing to buy or sell it. Unusuals are expensive when they are rare and have a flashy effect coupled with the base item. Hats with effects tend to be pricier because they are rare as well as nice looking. Here is a list of some of the most expensive tradable items in the game.

  • Unusual Burning Team Captain
  • Collector’s Dead of Night
  • Collector’s Killer Exclusive
  • Strange Golden Frying Pan
  • Non-Craftable Earbuds
  • Vintage Max’s Severed Head
  • Normal Black Rose
  • Unusual Medic’s Mountain Hat
  • Strange Golden Frying Pan


TF2 trading has evolved over the years and become more convenient and faster with TF2 trade bot sites. There is a diverse range of TF2 items to collect and trade. As a new trader, you need to learn to evaluate the true value of a particular item based on its rarity and the current average market price on different trusted TF2 trading sites.

There are different trading approaches and strategies you can learn to trade better. It totally depends on what amount you want to invest and how familiar you become with TF2 item categories and the value of effects.

As you learn about the items and their true values, you will find the top trading sites much helpful in finding buyers and sellers to match your target price. With trading bots, you no longer need to wait for days to close a deal. These sites have certainly made the trading experience safer and efficient!

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