CSGO Trade Up Contract Guide


CSGO Trade up contracts may not be very familiar to players who have just started their CSGO experience, but it’s one of the main aspects required to play the game at its fullest potential. The trade up contact is a tool available for CSGO players that basically allows you to trade 10 StatTrak weapon skins or 10 normal skins of the same quality in exchange for 1 new weapon skin, categorized in your chosen next highest tier grade. Well, it might sound confusing, but believe us, its not.

As you may already know, there are a bunch of CSGO skins you can choose from. They may differ in many aspects, however, they all have one thing in common – a rarity grade. You may stumble across a large variety of them – contraband yellow, restricted purple, classified pink, light gray customer grade, blue mil-spec, light blue industrial grade and a rare special item that can vary from gloves to knives. However, do note that rare special items cannot be used for trade up, since they are only eligible to be unboxed from a case.


Preparation for CSGO trade up is quite simple. Most importantly, you need to be already installed the prime version of CSGO. Afterwards, make sure that you already have 10 weapon skins with same quality. If you have none, or you lack some of them, simply navigate to free skins tab. In there, you will see a large number of referral codes that can later be used on most popular CSGO skins trading sides. However, please note that although you can use either normal skins or StatTrak skins, you can’t use both of those at the same time while signing one CSGO Trade Up contract.

You should also note that if you use only one skin from Collection B and the rest nine from taken from a Collection A, then the percentage of the success in getting a brand-new skin from a Collection A will be 90%, but you still risk in getting some outdated skin from a Collection B for 10%. There are number of ways how these percentages can differ, but you should always remember that CSGO trade up is a risky, though sometimes very rewarding business.

Trade Up Contracts

Trade up functionality is quite simple. To set up CSGO trade up contract, simply select 10 available skins from a contract. Once done, you will see a pop-up screen that will display players name, date when the contract was filled, your rank, list of 10 selected items, random form number (that is the least important indicator, unless, you will need to track your progress later on) and a prompt, which you’ll need to opt in to confirm the trade up. Be cautious though, as the contract can be signed anywhere and for anything by just one mouse click.

Another important thing to consider is that you can always mix weapons from a different collections, unless the skins used for the input are from different tiers. Although the weapon skin you will receive after the trade up is generated totally randomly, it is thought that the outcome strongly depends of biggest number of same collection used during the input.

Float calculation

The float calculation is the last part of this CSGO trade up contract guide, but definitely one of the easiest and most important ones. As you may know, floats in CSGO trade up contract can be calculated in many different ways and sadly, some of the players are still doing it wrong. But that is due to lack of knowledge and that’s why we’re here to help you. Ever heard about “Steam Wizard”? No? Then you should definitely consider this extension as your go to tool going forward.

This cool CSGO trade up contract floats calculation tool lets you manually choose your desired items either from your inventory or from the market. Basically, “Steam Wizard” does all the hard work for you in terms of calculating contract’s float outcome. Although there is another tool of the same functionality, called “CSGOZone”, I still prefer using “Steam Wizard”. At the end, it’s up to you to choose which one suits your needs. We’re just here to widen your array of knowledge. However, do note that those two extensions are currently the only ones that properly shows CSGO trade up contract float values and any kind of percentages.

Diving deeper into the numbers and mathematics in general, float value’s outcome is calculated very easily. All you have to do is to identify (or use the extension to do it for you) the average float of those ten skins you’ve included in your CSGO trade up contract. Additionally, maximums and minimums of chosen items are also totally ignored during this type of calculation. However, this only applies to input items, as with the output ones those numbers still matter.

Yeah, numbers suck, so we won’t bother you by giving any calculation examples, cause’ let’s agree, no one really pays any attention to them, that’s why we should take advantage of those trusted and beloved extensions. We do hope that this part of CSGO trade up contract guide cleared some black clouds over your head and clarified the confusion, which might have bothered you previously.


As you may already understood, there are many various factors that should be acknowledged and taken into the consideration prior to initiating a trade up or making a contract. Some methods depend totally on calculations, others are basically like a black jack. You may never know what outcome you will receive for taking a huge risk. Sometimes you may lose (and even the best of us lose the crazy amounts of cash), but sometimes the fortune may be in your side, thus you will win. But the craziest part of it, is that in most cases, there are no logical explanations and conclusions that can be done out of this, since we all depend on one crazy little factor – luck. We hope this article will help you in any ways and be free to read our other posts!