Trading skins in CSGO Marketplaces


As most avid gamers will know, CSGO is one of the most recognised and respected FPS games around. Competing with the big names like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Overwatch and has become a fixture of the esports scene. However, more and more people are becoming acquainted with the CSGO marketplaces online. These are places where you can trade skins and in-game items, with the ability to generate real-world cash for your efforts.

Now, making money through collecting items in games may seem rather far-fetched. However, thanks to the Steam marketplace, a booming economy and plenty of third-party sites offering trading platforms. The ability to make cash through playing CSGO is easier than ever.

With that in mind, you may be wondering what the best way is to trade your skins. How do you make the most money? How do you get the best deals? What websites should you frequent? These are all great questions and ones that we aim to answer today.

How to Buy & Sell Skins in CSGO Marketplaces

There are several ways that players can effectively trade CSGO skins. There are a number of third-party websites where you can buy or sell CSGO skins. Or alternatively, there is the official Steam market which provides a quick, seamless way to trade items. Here is a rundown of the ways to trade CSGO skins online:

Steam Marketplace: This is the original way to trade your CSGO skins. Before there were established third party websites, Steam provided an integrated marketplace for players to trade their gear. This allows players to earn money that will be placed into their Steam wallet after every completed transaction. This is a safe and legit method but the only downside is that your Steam Wallet cannot be withdrawn. So, you will need to spend funds you earn on skins or new games.

Third-Party CSGO markets: If you aren’t happy earning money that goes straight into your Steam wallet, you may want to use a third-party website. These are platforms that offer a dedicated marketplace where players can post their skins requesting a certain price or skin in return as a trade. These websites tend to offer the best opportunities to make money thanks to the freedom the market provides. However, it means that the user will have to ensure the website they choose to use is safe and secure. So do your research before you commit to using a website long term. You can find all legit sites where to buy CSGO skins in our listing.

Why Should I Use CSGO Marketplaces?

The answer is simple. The potential to make money is much greater when you are not tied down by the limitations of the Steam marketplace. Through using third party websites, you are able to shop around, compare the listings on each with the market price of each item. Then thanks to this variety of inventory, you will be able to spot opportunities to buy and flip items for a profit. Plus, you will be able to snipe deals posted by naive players who don’t know the worth of their items.

Third-party websites also allow you to shop or trade with more ease and accessibility as well. If you use these websites purely to trade items rather than buy and sell items. The websites make this process as simple as possible for you. They allow players to post specific trade deals that they are seeking, they allow players to contact each other to discuss trades if necessary and they employ trading bots to help make this process safe and efficient, but more on those later.

Then thirdly, as we mentioned, you can actually withdraw your funds in the form of real-world currency. These websites often grant players a lot of payout options, with some even facilitating crypto payouts. Paypal is also very sought after as a cashout option. Unfortunately, not all sites can offer that. Sites where Paypal can be used to buy/sell CSGO skins can be found here. So, if you want to affect your bank balance rather than your Steam wallet. Third-party trading websites are the way to go.

Difference between Trading Bots and Marketplaces?

Main difference is that CSGO Trade Bots sites are designed to exchange your skins instantly and marketplaces operates on the supply/demand principle. That means that all prices are mostly regulated by users in CSGO marketplace sites. While trading bots have fixed prices regulated automatically depending on official Steam market statistics.

Marketplaces can be good alternative when trading skins as well. You can sell your skins and using accumulated balance buy new skins. You can even get better deals because of live economy. However, there are some downsides of trading in marketplaces.

To buy and sell skins can take days, even weeks. It depends on skin demand, marketplace user base and of course price you want to get. Selling rarer, low demand items can take even more. While in the best CSGO trading bot sites you can exchange almost any skin instantly.

What Makes a CSGO Marketplace good?

There is an abundance of CSGO market websites out there. However, there are only a handful that we would say that you should wholeheartedly trust. This is because scams and illegitimate businesses will try to part you from your skins if you aren’t careful. Plus, even some of the legit websites can lack in quality. So here is a quick rundown on what features make for a good platform:

Safe and Legit: The website you choose to frequent should be a legitimate company that won’t scam you. To make sure that this is the case, you should check the Company background, check Trustpilot for positive reviews, ensure there is a strong support network and ensure that trading bots are present as mentioned above.

Large Inventory: If you want to make quick and easy trades, you’ll need an abundance of buy options and offers to choose from. So, this means you’ll need a website with a large customer base and plenty of offers at any time. You can occasionally get a good deal on smaller platforms but it’s always best to do the bulk of your business where most of the action is.

Bonuses: While this isn’t essential, you should always be on the lookout for sign up bonuses and companies that value their customers. Everyone loves free stuff and this free investment can help jump start your trading career.

Prices and fees: Then lastly, be wary of the prices and fees on these websites. While the price listed on the trade may be a steal. You need to be sure that the website charges a reasonable transaction fee. The industry standard is 5%. Anything more will see you cut your profit margin.


Marketplaces can be great alternative to exchange skins. There are some factors which you have to consider before using third-party market and we tried to cover most of them to help you make your mind if CSGO marketplace suits your needs.