ESO: How to make gold?


Elder Scrolls Online, otherwise known as ESO, allows players to have complete control over their journey in Tamriel. Considering that gold is the primary currency, you therefore have complete control over your gold! Now, with the multitude of techniques & strategies out there on making gold in Elder Scrolls Online, it can be quite daunting to pick which ones work the best. Well, no need to worry! We’ve done the hard work for you, and after hours upon hours of experimentation, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to make gold in Elder Scrolls Online. If you’re wondering how to make gold in eso, we recommend trying as many methods as you can – and seeing what works for you! Let’s jump straight into it!

Trading Guilds

Firstly, and most importantly, it is very important that you join a trading guild. If you’ve played other MMORPG’s, you would know that using an ‘auction house’ type of system can allow you to make a boatload of currency, simply by implementing the right buying and selling strategies. As ESO’s (ESO = Elder Scrolls Online) version of an auction house is the guild stores, it’s necessary, if you want to know how to make gold in eso, hat you’re a part of one so that you can tap into the market and profit.

Just in case you didn’t know how to make gold in eso, you can be a part of up to 5 guides in Elder Scrolls Online. When you’re joining a guild, you must take into account the location of their NPC traders, as well as their weekly requirements. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, why would a trading guild have a weekly requirement? In regard to NPC traders, it’s best that you pick guilds with NPC’s in major cities, such as Elden Root, Daggerfall, Wayrest and more. These cities are the ones where the most people flood into day in and day out, which gives you a higher chance of making a sale. So, before you join a guild, take note of their NPC trader locations, and if the kind of traffic it generates suits you. Well, as trading guilds must bid for the right to use NPC traders, these costs can reach up to millions of gold. Therefore, they ask for weekly requirements from members to pay for these massive bids. So, make sure you’ll be able to keep within those weekly requirements.

Once you’re in a trade guild, all you have to do is sell, which answers your question of how to make gold in eso! To sell, visit any banker NPC and select guild store. From there, simply put up your items for sale. In order to start making some gold, you should know how to flip items. As you may encounter, players tend to put items in the guild traders that are quite cheap. From there, you need to spot those items and snag them quickly! As a result, you can sell them for their normal price and make a quick profit for how to make eso gold. At first it may seem challenging to spot these items, but as you keep practicing and keep making more gold, it will be a piece of cake!

Daily Quests

The key to making massive amounts of gold in ESO (ESO = Elder Scrolls Online) is consistency (keep that in mind – all of you wanting to know how to make gold in eso!). If you’re not being consistent in your gold making efforts, forget it – you won’t be rich. A quick method to earn some gold is doing your daily quests. For example, the Fighter’s Guild, Mage’s Guild and the Undaunted all provide daily quests which are able to be soloed. The best part is that the rewards are quite generous, usually in the hundreds of gold. To get to these guilds and locations to start doing your daily quests, head to either Elden Root, Mournhold or Wayrest. 

Also, if you have access to the Thieves Guild, as well as the Dark Brotherhood DLC areas, you can benefit from infinitely repeatable quests, which you can milk for massive amounts of gold. For example, at the Thieves Guild, simply drop a quest to generate another.


Tamriel is filled with heaps of things to loot, harvest, slay and collect. So, don’t leave it behind! While you’re on your travels, loot anything you see and slay random enemies as you progress. Additionally, keep your eye out on hidden gold storages, such as trunks and baskets. Also, you can harvest & farm materials as you travel along. For example, as you stumble across a material node, make sure you harvest it! As you keep doing all those activities overtime, they’ll all add up to make you rich!

A little bit more on material nodes; as you know, there are plenty of people trying to craft in Elder Scrolls Online. And to craft – you need materials! And this is where you can make some serious gold. There’s a multitude of material nodes scattered across the game, ranging from materials for beginner items, to materials for max level gear. As you’d expect, the value of these items increases as their level requirements do. Don’t be mistaken – lower levelled materials can still be sold for a generous amount of gold. As you harvest material nodes, you can be aware of the 5 levels of gear quality (in ascending order): White, Green, Blue, Purple & Gold. In order to get to these higher qualities of gear, you must use improvement materials. To get improvement materials, you’ll have to refine raw materials. As you’d expect, the most valuable improvement materials are those of purple & gold tier – so that’s what you’re aiming for how to make eso gold! In order to get those materials, you should consider allocating your skill points to the ‘Extraction’ passive, which is found in your crafting skill line. Since you’ve already joined a guild trader – take advantage of it and sell your purple & gold improvement materials over there! Selling to a general merchant will cheap you out, with their buying prices being drastically lower than what you can sell on the guild trader for how to make eso gold.

Daily Crafting Writs

As you reach level 5 in ESO (ESO = Elder Scrolls Online), you’ll have access to do seven crafting writs, which replenish every single day for elder scrolls gold making. These seven writs are reflective of the 7 disciplines in Elder Scrolls Online (Blacksmithing, Clothier, Woodworking, Alchemy, Enchanting, Provisioning & Jewelry).

Firstly, you’ll need certification. For all disciplines except jewelry, you can get your certification from any major city. However, for the discipline of jewelry, you’ll need to get your certification from Alinor in Summerset.

Now, onto the writs themselves! The gold reward per writ scales up from 215 gold at level 6, to approximately 664 gold at level 50 for eso gold farming. Keep in mind however, the items you earn while accomplishing your writs corresponds to the item tier in respect of your current passive crafting skill line. These writs only take a maximum of 15 minutes. Considering that there are seven of them, this can generate nearly 5,000 gold per day, or 35,000 gold per week. Now, if you’ve got multiple characters, you should consider doing the daily writs on each character, which can net nearly 280,000 gold per week – which is incredible!

In order to maximise the outputs of your crafting writs, we recommend that you pick a few passive skills. First up is Chemistry III (Alchemy), which produces 4 potions or 16 poisons for each crafting attempt. Next, we recommend you get Chef III (Provisioning), which produces 4 food items for each crafting attempt. And finally, we recommend you get Brewer III (Provisioning), which produces 4 drinks per crafting attempt.

In the event that you complete a daily crafting writ in a skill line that you’ve already earned the maximum rank in, you could receive a wide variety of rewards, such as legendary ingredients, master writs and surveys. The legendary ingredients can be sold for some good money, and the master writs – we’ll get into in a second! The surveys can lead you to rich resource nodes, which we’ve covered previously.

As aforementioned, an added benefit to doing your daily crafting writs is the possibility of getting master writs for eso gold farming. If you’re not familiar with master writs, they are writs that request a special item from you, and in return they give you writ vouchers. These writ vouchers are a form of currency which can allow players to purchase different items from vendors. Though you have to be quite high leveled to get master writs, it’s worth it, as these master writs can sell for thousands of gold per writ voucher.

Ready to get started doing your daily crafting writs? You should always start your crafting writs at a city where it’s easy to travel and work through. For example, you’ll need a city where writ boards and crafting stations are close together, so that you’re as efficient as possible. From our findings, three cities fit these criteria: Rawl’kha, Stormhold and Vivec City.

Motif Farming

As we spoke about earlier, crafters are always looking for materials such as motifs. If you’re not familiar with what a motif is, it’s a special design that players can use to implementing into their crafting of sets. Lucky for you, plenty of the daily quests you do can drop these motifs for eso how to make gold. And from there, you can sell these motifs. Alongside motifs, you’ll also need style material to craft them. The style material can be obtained from completing your daily quests, and as each style material has its own value, you could be making a healthy amount of gold by selling off valuable style materials. The value of style materials depends on their rarity, what they can make, and other usages.

Public Dungeons

Our personal favorite method to get gold in Elder Scrolls Online has to be public dungeons for eso how to make gold! Now, we must tell you that these public dungeons are more difficult than your standard, open-world enemies. This is due to two reasons: the quantity of enemies you face will drastically increase, as well as the difficulty to beat them increasing. 

These public dungeons contain encounters that spawn around 5 enemies at once. These groups of enemy spawns have short respawn timers – so stay on your toes! As you make your way through the public dungeon and eliminate enemy after enemy, you’ll be raking an intake of gold far higher than slaying any enemies out in the open world. For example, imperials are found the most in pubic dungeons. What does that mean to you? Well, imperials drop more gold, more often! Therefore, it’s quite important that you can target these imperials. The dungeons in which they can show up are: The Vile Manse (Reaper’s March), Crimson Cove (Malabal Tor) and Razak’s Wheel (Bang’korai). So, make sure you’re doing those public dungeons, to ensure that you encounter as many imperial enemies as possible, so you get the most amount of gold as possible.

Additionally, we recommend that you equip your character with weapons that can deal damage to their surroundings, called area of effect weapons (AOE for short). For example, weapons such as the destruction staff, and bow are great for these occasions. You’ll also need an area of effect suitable skill, such as Volley (Bow), which, as the name suggests, launches a volley of arrows at a specific target location (within a radius of 5m) for a total of 8 seconds. Or if that doesn’t suit you, you can go for the elemental storm (destruction staff), which builds a storm at a target location (within a radius of 8m) for a total of 2 seconds, and then in a fury, unleashes damage for a total of 7 seconds to those enemies in the targeted radius. Or you could go for the wall of elements (destruction staff), which, where based on the staff element, an 18m by 8m zone is created in front of you, and all enemies in that zone get damaged drastically. Lastly, you could try your luck at the impulse (destruction staff), which is quite simple in that it deals damage in a 6m radius around you against your enemies.

If you are a low level however, we do recommend doing these public dungeons in a group, for eso how to make gold. This is due to the chances of you surviving at a low level being drastically low, which can be unprofitable when you are elder scrolls gold making! Before you start your public dungeon, ensure that you have repair kits in your inventory. The last thing you want in the middle of a public dungeon is your gear to be damaged, and no repair kits available to keep on slaying. Secondly, you’ll need to make sure that someone on your team has a merchant assistant, to quickly sell off items you collect during your time in the public dungeon. This is due to your inventory filling up very quickly with all the items you obtain. Leaving those items behind is simply throwing away gold! Expect to net around 30,000 gold per hour in a public dungeon – which is very respectable!

The templars, sorcerers, wardens and dragon knights all have skills that suit this area of effect damage very well. Let’s have a look at them for eso how to make gold! First up, the templars have a blazing spear attack, which sends down a shower of damage in a specific 8m radius, for a total of 8 seconds. The warden has the impaling shards attack, which calls upon shards of ice in a specific 6m radius, over a duration of 12 seconds. The sorcerer creates a massive storm in a radius of 4m for 6 seconds, with the lightning splash attack. And finally, the dragon knight can breathe an aggressive fire in a cone of up to 10m in front of you, dealing both instantaneous damages, as well as damage over time for a duration of 8 seconds. For those who prefer to go for night blades, although they are great for direct damage, they lack in the areas of area of effect damage, which is what is really important in public dungeons.


A player favourites quick way to get some gold for eso gold farming is stealing some items, for eso how to make gold. With your legerdemain skill line and trafficker passive maxed out, you’ll be able to fence up to 140 items a day! In order to get the most gold, ensure that you are maxing out your thief’s guild skill line, as well as your haggling passive, which both increase the amount you get paid per fenced item. Importantly, you must ensure that you’re stealthy enough to not get caught. If in the unfortunate scenario that you are caught stealing, you’ll have a bounty placed on your character and you’ll instantly be targeted by guards. If you end up being caught by a guard, you’ll lose all your stolen items in your inventory – and no one wants that happening! So, make sure you’re being very careful when fencing items, and if you have end up with a bounty placed on you – don’t let the guards catch you when you are elder scrolls gold making!

Those were our Elder Scrolls Online gold generating secrets! We hope you found it useful, and we wish you the best on your road to riches!