Top FUT Trading Tips 2021


It’s obviously not a surprise, but in FUT 19, just like in any other game, the best way to make a profit (or FUT coins, to be precise), is to buy low and then sell higher afterward. Not rocket science, just pure trading. The only trick is to identify what and when you should buy. Don’t worry, we will help you with this. 

Analyze the market

Since FIFA 20 has already launched, you might have started noticing a large number of blogs analyzing the future of the market and what impact can it take on some of the player's potentials. Well, since the new market is just on the rise, let’s dig deeper into what must be considered in FUT 19. 

Knowing the market in which you will operate in the upcoming months is the key factor in having success. Sadly, FUT is much more complex than some MMORPG markets (for example), because you shouldn’t be expecting to buy a card hoping to find a Cristiano Ronaldo, although the amount of coins you have spent for a card is not even close to its value. This is not how it goes and you will never succeed in such a way. You’ll have to use your eagle vision and a sharp mind to determine what could be the price that the market demand could be willing to offer.

There are various methods to study the market. You can either sit next to a computer screen for endless hours or look at the cards that haven’t yet been sold and to those, that are already sold, or you could you choose a more advanced tactic, that FUT database is often considered. FUT database allows analyzing different aspects of the chosen card, including transaction amounts, price history, average prices that the particular card was sold before, look for new cards and many more. However, in case there is no updated price for some particular player card that you have chosen, you can always add it to your target list to check their final prices. 

With so much information available, it’s up to you to identify the best deals and avoid the fishy ones. Study carefully, because your decisions might have a huge impact on your future success in FUT 19. However, we can ease this process for you and point out some of the main factors that should be taken into consideration while analyzing the card: always pay attention to the quantities that are usually bought (maybe other players know something that you don’t?); price variation over the hours, days and even weeks can be a huge factor; always remember that card’s price can vary depending on different positions and card’s chemistry status (try checking different scenarios, maybe you will come across a deal that wasn’t expected to be even possible just minutes ago?). 

Determining what to buy/sell

If you stand still in the middle of the night in the middle of the desert and take a deep breath, you will probably hear Fifa fans asking one their most common questions: what cards should they keep and which of those should they sell? Well, the existential crisis has taken the best of all of us. It’s now time to answer this question for once and for all. Or at least point you in the right direction. 

You may have already seen various blogs, articles or youtube videos, whose purpose is to drain your resources due to your lack of knowledge regarding such cases. Their only and main objective is to create content that tells you exactly what you want to hear. 

Ever seen various lists, that point you out which exact players would you supposed to be selling out as soon as possible? That is total nonsense. To be fair, there are no such things as best or worst cards to sell or buy. If you are a Wolf of FUT, as indicated previously, you may identify the positive effect of all FUT cards and better understand how to make the full use of them. There is, however, only one exception, since IRL highlighted players can only be sold in a limited amount of time. Other than that, no card has eternal value, as it’s constantly changing depending on the player's real-life performances, market tendencies and etc. Many FUT 19 players are ensured for some reason that you should always look for players from England’s secondary leagues or gold Brazilian players, however, their prices are higher for those who sell also, not only for those who buy, so don’t get yourself fooled. 

You treat this as a bad thing because this rule provides you with the opportunity to gain profit basically from any card you decide to sell. Market tendencies are quite simple in this case – if you are selling cards that are launched in a small amount, you should expect only a few sales to be completed, although with the higher profits as with the opposite example outcome would be totally different – more sales, but lesser profits. 

No empty space

The situation on the FUT market is quite obvious – you shelves, just like in any other shop, have to be full at all times, no matter what. For example, when you sell any of your players, the first thing you need to do afterward is to buy a player card to replace it. You should also consider improving your transfer list size, to make more players available for transfer at any given time. 

Make your FUT cards visible

Just like with transfer list size, the same is with FUT cards visibility. The longer they stay visible, the more chances you have to sell them, especially during the weekends or first hour auctions. Most players in FUT 19 start giving up after an hour-long drought. However, if you consider yourself to be a pro trader, you should make your cards active and visible for a longer period. 

Try this basic trick – list your cards for a predefined one hour auction and afterward, when it expires, re-list them for another one. If you manage to succeed and re-list then once there is no bidder to another one immediately after it’s been sold, you will not only experience the perfect timing situation but will also become rich in a matter of minutes. For example, you should make full use of your time management skills. If you are going to school, to a jog or simply going to sleep, calculate how much time approximately you will be away and define the auction duration based on your calculations. This way you will avoid afk situations when your account is not constantly upgraded and at least make some benefits from the time you were offline. Your cards will stay active for your chosen period and you will be available to review them at any time you please.

Legendary magic FUT trick

One of the oldest, funniest and most savage type tricks in FUT is making other players looking like fools. Most commonly, this can be done by selling low-value cards with often identical characteristics to the cards, whose other players have been constantly searching for. 

An example would be quite simple in such a case. To be fair, it’s one of the most popular tactics across all FUT 19 players. As you may know, PSG has two Brazilian center-backs. One is Thiago Silva and the other one is Marquinhos. One has a rating of 88, the other – 84. You may ask how the sellers fool other buyers. It’s actually quite simple. All you have to do is to put a starting price of Marquinhos a little smaller than Thiago’s market price. Players often know that they have to be extra quick after locating a good opportunity. Since the cards are extremely similar, they have to deal with a huge risk which might often result in a foolish mistake. If you were a hardcore FUT 19 player, you will definitely agree that bidding for a wrong card it’s an easy mistake to make. 

Last second buzzer-beater

The last minutes of the auction might be the most intense in many cases. Luckily, they are not only fun to participate in, but you can also take advantage of most of those situations. Having a good knowledge about the overall FUT 19 market might make you a king of those last-second situations (just imagine yourself as a Sergio Ramos; remember that famous Champions League final?). 

There are no possibilities to double-check this, but there is a high probability that most players use this method, thus the prices stay pretty high up until the end of the auction. Players try not to risk losing the card they were eavesdropping right from be beginning of the auction, so they only start bidding within the last few seconds, since the prices are not as high as you would suspect in these crucial moments. 

But to take advantage of this method, you must not only understand FUT 19 market and its tendencies but also know how to filter. However, don’t underestimate your abilities by trying to apply this trick to all of your cards, since that would be pretty much impossible. You should be focusing strictly on the cards that are similar to one another in terms of their abilities or some specific criteria. For example, you could only narrow your search range to a specific club, league, nationality or position on the court. If you know the average prices of your chosen cards before the auction, you will definitely have a better opportunity to land those cards in your squad without risking to overpay. 

Improving your cards

FUT trading might be a tricky business at some stages, but actually, everyone pro trader knows that fut trading tips don’t just sit on the internet for no reason. Their purpose is to make your life easier and trading smoother. 

This is somehow similar to what you should do with your already bought cards – improve them, so you could then sell them for higher prices than you initially spent on them. This is where contract cards, as well as fitness cards, comes in handy. Not only the player cards will reach their potential, but you will also benefit from low-level mediocre cards and sell them for a boosted price later on the game. Also, take a deeper look at your current squad. Choose a player with the significantly low-level attributes on his favorite position applies training cards to trigger a temporary modification of at least of his attributes.

Cool tricks can also be done with chemistry cards or manager’s league cards (that is only applicable to managers, though), but many players often overlook the full potential those cards can make to your squad in a longer perspective. Lastly, you should always keep your players fit. In case some of them are tired, try placing it on your reserves or just put him on the bench to trigger natural fitness increase. All of those sounds logical and very easy, but as we said, not many players use those features to the maximum. That’s what separates them from being on the top charts. 


Although there are already several FUT improvements on FIFA 19, those fut trading tips come in handy even with a new installment of the FIFA franchise. FUT was always one of the most beloved and time sinking activities in FIFA history, however, some of the players (even the hardcore fans, who would never even touch a copy of Pro Evolution Soccer), are not always familiar with every small detail that could be turned into players favor. 

In the end, it’s up to you whether you decide to use those fut trading methods or not, but if you want to maximize the profits you could be earning from FUT, you should at least try applying them in one of the auctions. We hope you liked it!