Top 8 Fifa 19 Career Mode Tips


Every year EA sports presents us with a new and fresh installment in FIFA franchise. By the time you read this article, Fifa 20 has already launched, but with a number of passionate players already complaining about major bugs, downgrades and etc. we should first take a look back at the game’s predecessor and dive into the one of most beloved modes across all of the players – player career mode.

Fifa career mode lets you manage your chosen football team from the bottom level of club’s structure to the very top. You can also control club’s finances, negotiate with your current players over their salaries, future, playing time and make serious decisions that will have a huge impact on their morale and overall team chemistry. Not to mention the most important thing – when it’s all said and done, you are there to play with your team and prove that those decisions can be reflected on the football pitch.

However, Fifa player career mode is a slightly different experience, as you don’t have to worry about your team’s image, since you only have to look out for yourself – the player which you have created. Just imagine yourself as a young Gabriel Jesus, paining the outskirts of the streets and then fulfilling your potential, to eventually become of the leading and deadliest strikers on the planet. You’re excited? Well, we definitely are.

Although many of you have taken your talents to Fifa 20 already, let’s take a step back and point out the top 8 Fifa 19 career mode tips. You ready? Perfect, let’s begin.

1. Team selection

Your team selection all depends on what experience you would like to get from Fifa 19. If you are looking for an easy walk in role, you should pick on the wealthiest clubs on the planet, like Manchester City, Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Manchester United or etc. Well, you understand the order and how it’s generated.

Although most of those clubs might seem funny to play with, it does not really present you with a true challenge that we should be seeking from a game. For example, even if you choose Real Madrid, with a little effort you could already offer a contract for Lionel Messi. Where is the logic, right? Even if you play the game on Legendary Mode, you should only choose one of those teams if you consider yourself as a die-hard fan for any of them. But even if that is the case, try challenging yourself and succeed with Portsmouth, by bringing them back to the Premier League. They were pretty good back in the day, but now are sitting in the 4th division. Believe us, the satisfaction of completing this task would be much bigger than winning Bundesliga Bayern Munich, which is filled with stars and has very little competition in Germany.

However, if your only goal is not make a team full of all-starts and never bother about being short on funds, there isn’t much else we could suggest, except from PSG. Pick this Arabian project and buy them all. They have already proved that this is possible in real life, so why not replicate it in video game and buy even more starts? After all, it’s up you.

2. Identifying potential stars

If you are just starting to play Fifa 19 career mode, you might want to equip your team with the best available future starts on the market. Overall number of those worth mentioning is quite big, but we will try pointing out some of the central attacking midfielders, that you should be aware.

First of all, you should keep track on the progress of Phil Foden, who currently plays for Manchester City. Since his current overall stands at only 73, you won’t be required to spend big amount in order to land him in your squad, but the lad has one of the biggest potentials among all Fifa 19 players. In a couple of years, this young bench warmer, depending on the performances, can receive an increase up to 88 overall. Not bad, right?

Secondly, consider strengthening your squad with a forward from Valencia – Kangin Lee. Young lad currently has a rating of only 70, which makes his market price even smaller than Phil Foden. In a couple of years’ time, you could see his rating raising up to 88.

One of the most common Fifa 19 career mode tip you will ever hear about, is a suggestion to immediately offer a contract to Kai Havertz, who currently plays for Bayern Leverkusen. Since he is also considered one of main prospects in real world also, his current rating stands at 80. Not bad already. But if we say that his rating might raise up to 89? It’s a no brainer, lads. Sign him up!

3. Unique challenge

We tried it ourselves – believe us, it’s a truly fun experience. As you may know, if you are a hardcore football fun, Athletic Bilbao only signs home grown players. You will never see an English, German, Italian (or whatever else) player in their squad. Not even a Spaniard, if the lad hasn’t trained at the club’s youth team or wasn’t born a Basque, at least. Your mission in this case would be quite challenging, but still fun and rewarding, nevertheless.

Although such policy is not coded in none of the FIFA games, you can still try to replicate this in your own offline franchise by only sign players that would meet this requirement.

4. Leave negotiations to your assistant

Although some of the players like to manage transfers and negotiations themselves, some of us are only keen on the actual gameplay and don’t have time for lengthy negotiations. Not a problem, there is a simple solution for this, as you can leave all the negotiations to your assistant. But there is couple of tasks that need to be done by yourself, prior to leaving this difficult task to your assistant.

First of all, you must fully scout your desired player and identify how much exactly you can pay for him. Once done, simply leave this task for your assistance and he will handle the rest. You might be amazed sometimes by his work, as he not only can accomplish your task in a couple of days, but sometimes can even agree on a deal, that would require less investments than you initially thought.

5. Block offers

It’s probably very frustrating to receive numerous transfer offers for Cristiano Ronaldo when you are controlling Juventus. Who could have thought that you could just sell him after he just completed his move from Real Madrid? Well, AI can.

But that’s not a problem. You can simply block any potential transfer offers for any particular player by navigating to Squad Hub. However, always remember that this won’t prevent other teams from activating your beloved player’s release clause (just like in real market). If you wish to avoid such unfortunate situations, consider re-negotiating contact details with this player and eliminating any potential release clause from his contract.

6. Scouting

So that is where FIFA franchise differs from a real-life market. In FIFA, you easily spending big numbers on superstars and simply build your team around future by choosing wise scouting strategies. But there are some things you should know to avoid failure.

First of all, you should know the different between scouts that you are signing for your team. A scout with a better judgment level will bring you a list of higher quality players. Alternatively, more experienced scout will come up with a larger list of players. It’s up to you to decide what you prefer more. However, there is more to consider apart from these casual “experience” and “judgment” aspects.

A more experienced scout will bring you bigger list and more chances to land a superstar, however, one who is more judgmental will present you with fewer names, but with more of what you are looking for. Sometimes it’s like a Russian roulette, but you can be sure of one thing – scouting is one of the key factors when trying to build a superstar team from a scratch.

7. Proven signings

We already talked about promising young players, who can make a huge impact in future. But there is an alternative strategy you can use and it is quite simple. Why not sign those players, who are already considered as world class, but with the potential to be even more influential in a year or two?

Here are some examples: Vinicius Junior from Real Madrid (77 rating with a potential of 89), Leon Bailey from Bayer Leverkusen (82 rating with a potential of 89), Matthijs de Ligt from Ajax (yeah, his is still on Ajax in Fifa 19 and haven’t yet become one of the most expensive all time defenders), Marcus Rashford a.k.a. missed penalty from Manchester United (81 rating with a potential of 89), Gianluigi Donnarumma from AC Milan (82 rating with a potential of 93), Alban Lafont from Fiorentina (77 rating with a potential of 89), Ezequiel Barco from Atlanda United (74 rating with a staggering potential of 89), one of biggest possible potentials - Sandro Tonali from Brescia (68 rating with a potential of 88), Andriy Lunin from Real Madrid (76 rating with a stunning potential of 88), Patrick Cutrone from AC Milan (77 rating with a potential of 89), and of course, one of the brightest your lands on the planet – Kylian Mbappe from PSG (87 rating with a potential of 95). Kylian Mbappe will probably win a Ballon D’Or in a couple of years anyway, so why not do the same in your Career Mode campaign?

8. Youth squad

Youth squad comes extremely handy when you are planning to play at least couple of seasons on your Career mode, thus this is of the main Fifa 19 career mode tips.

Although some of the previous tips made scouts look like a very important figures in career mode, sometimes their decisions can be not so correct. For example, true player’s position should be determined by his type and not by the information indicated by the scout. Also, you shouldn’t be picking players only considering their overall stats. Take some time to analyze their individual stats. This will help you determine whether they can be valuable in your current squad.

Also, just like in real life (remember new Liverpool’s signing Harvey Elliot?) players can only sign their first professional contract once they turn 16. Since you cannot see their date of birth in game, you should constantly their stats, as once you see they’ve turned 16 you’ll be eligible for offering them their first contract.

Finally, leaving players in the academy for quite longer might be risky sometimes, as they can be headhunted by other clubs, but should you succeed and they will gladly reject any offers in order to fight for their place in your squad, you might benefit from this in the future.


So there it is, the most important and most commonly used tricks, that number of Fifa 19 players benefit from on a daily basis. You are totally free to use any of them, ignore any of them or completely disagree with us, since Fifa 19, just like any of the game’s predecessors allows us to experience our own journey. Whether it’s career mode or player career mode.

Only time will tell whether Fifa 20 will fix most of the already reported bugs and issues, but one is for certain, most of the widely recognizable changes could only be applied with the new generation consoles. We will probably have to wait for at least 2 or 3 years to see any major overhauls in EA Sports game creation tendencies, but nevertheless, it is quite an experience, that every sports fan should appreciate.