MapleStory 2 Mesos Farming Guide


As you may know, from other MMORPG’s,  online games present the ability, and allow for one to earn a sizeable side-income, with the methods and tools used to generate said income varying significantly. One such game is Maplestory 2. However, it might be tricky for a newcomer, or even the average player, to choose from these varying methods, as these methods differ one to the other, and at times can be quite contrasting. As such, considering potential income needs to be levied against the time involved to generate said income. In short, how efficient is your method? . Additionally, veteran Maplestory players will still need to jump through all the rings and hoops, that a novice player would, as the game itself (Maplestory 2) is fresh of the chopping block – every player will have to start from scratch.  However, fear not! We are here to assist you! In this blog, we will outline the tricks of the trade, which will enable you to farm those ever-in-demand and precious Mesos with relative ease.


It’s important to note, that if you have just begun your Maplestory 2 journey, that your expectations are realistic. Mesos will not be easily obtainable, nor shall they acquirable passively. Maplestory 2 Meso farming is a fun and rewarding activity, however, as you may have already guessed, it requires preparation. The main objective for every player is to reach level 50 as soon as possible, as this threshold allows Maplestory 2 players to wear competent gear. Sadly, without competent gear, Maplestory 2 Meso farming becomes qiuite the tedious task- potentially even impossible.. Not many MMORPG’s offer such income-generating avenues to players. However, this is what sets Maplestory 2 aside. You can earn as much as 2 million Mesos, for simply completing the main soryline. Not bad, right? Even more so, if you plan to buy blue items later on, 2 million Mesos will be more than enough.

Maplestory 2 should only be played like a pro. And by saying “pro”, I mean, you should create at least a couple of additional accounts, that can be used at different stages of the game. Basically, 2 additional accounts should be considered as a minimum requirement. Logically, the underlying reason for this is quite apparent.– The more accounts you hold, the more Maplestory 2 Mesos you can farm. As aforementioned, the main story completion may net you around 2 million Mesos, as such, is it evident as to why multiple accounts are of great benefit. With all those precious Mesos, you can then start farming dungeons and dailies in no time!

Meso farming for beginners

One cool trick to know about Maplestory 2 Meso farming tactics, is that, the game itself presents you with a “Get Rich” option. But don’t get too excited, as this option won’t make you the Richard Branson of Maplestory 2 right away. However, the possibilities are also quite rewarding. This cool in-game option gives you 3 quests you can choose from. By completing these quests you can earn various amounts of Mesos starting from 1000 -to around 500, 000 Mesos. Not bad for a newcomer with a limited abilities. Another cool thing about those quests is that, they reset at different times of the day. This means, those Mesos-rich quests can be completed once they become available again. Though, by completing all of them, you can earn even more Mesos. As earlier stated, those quests can be completed without serious abilities or preparation. You might be wondering how this is even possible. Yes, said quests can be completed even with mid-tier gear; meaning, that you can start farming Mesos on those accounts right away! Not to mention, the low-level difficulty of those quests. However, you should consider using an Air Taxi, as those quests will require you to constantly move from one destination to another. But hey, don’t think about this as a bad thing, since this strategy will let you complete those Maplestory 2 quests in a matter of minutes.

Better way to farm mesos

We agree that those quests can be quite Meso rewarding, however, if you want to start dealing with serious numbers, you should consider other, more profitable tactics. Yes, that’s right, we are talking about dungeon farming. Not only does this strategy let you earn a hefty amount of Mesos, it can be completed ten times a day, and up to thirty times a week, at most! You will stumble across many different dungeons in Maplestory 2, however, if you want to choose the most rewarding one tart from the Tronix Bunker- however, don‘t venture there in  Berserk mode. These dungeons require quite preparation, as such,  you should analyze the dungeon‘s mechanics first. Afterwards, when you already know the specifics of the dungeon, the Tronix Bunker can be finished in 5 - 7 minutes, considering that you received help from a reliable party. However, please note, this completion time was only calculated considering that the maximum effort of preparation was done prior to starting this dungeon farming.  

Ever heard of Onyx Crystals? Well, hip hop hooray! As of this moment, you will not only get those high in demand Onyx Crystals, but also strengthen your own class with enhancement gear and items that can be grinded in there. Another cool thing to consider is a swapping method that can be applied in there. To be precise, you can receive Onyx Crystals by dismantling you gear in return. 

However, that’s not everything that can be farmed in those mysterious dungeons! If you thought that the Onyx Crystals were the cherry-on-top, well, let’s reconsider that, as these dungeon raids can also reward you with epic gear. One of these can be sold for a jaw dropping amount of 30 million Mesos! Are you still reading, or have you jumped on the dungeon farming bandwagon? Well, if you are still with us, take a deep breath, because that’s not it! You should avoid selling the Onyx Crystals straight away, and should always leave one for yourself. You never know, you may stumble across some epic gear, which is just more than suited for your chosen class.

Fishing for mesos

Meso farming in Maplestory 2 is a demanding activity, but the fun factor should also be considered. However, sitting next to a screen is not always an option - so you’re probably wondering how feasible and how possible it is to do this whilst being AFK? Well, fishing is for sure, though you must be a Master Fisherman is such cases.

If you have been to a Thanksgiving event, stumbled across various spinning wheels in Queenstown or least used social mission boxes, you have probably found auto-fishing vouchers. If not, do note that they can also be traded between your characters (see, we told you it’s beneficial to have more than one!). If that is indeed the case, there is no point in holding auto-fishing vouchers on your side character. Simply trade them to the one who is a Master Fisherman.

Special fish can be caught with a Golden Lure, but it is not a necessity, as there are alternatives. Following on, those precious Golden Lures can be sold for approximately 1k to 100k.

Be cautious if you stumble across a Heavy Pearl Oyster box. This is the real treasure box. In it you can find a large variety of items that can be sold on the black market later on. We are talking about real-life money here. Just imagine finding the special lures. At least one of those and you already have 100k in your pocket. Money!

Potion solvents

Another cool method in farming Mesos is by farming solvents and then selling them on the black market. The best maps to visit, should you ever consider this method as your go to plan for farming Mesos are the following: Lulu Village, Red Wall and Cave of Eternity. If you wish to earn even more Mesos, try converting those solvents into G3 – pay rise will amaze you. Some players even claim to be earning around 70k of Mesos in less than 30 minutes, while travelling across Lulu Village. Not to mention farming around 100 solvents potion solvents in the same amount of time.   

Other cool tips

As you know, there are a large number of ways to farm Mesos in Maplestory 2. Sadly, many of these are overlooked, not realizing the full potential of these methods, and the potential income to be earned.

For example, have you ever thought about purchasing Meta Cells? No? Well, then you should do so right away. These can be bought using Rue, Red Stars and Blue Starts, which are usually rewarded during daily quests. Afterwards, you can earn a bunch of Mesos by re-rolling those Meta Cells into accessories. It’s very nice and user friendly activity. However, as mentioned before, it’s often overlooked by a number of players.

Also, if you happen to appear in a great party (I mean in Maplestory 2, not in your real life. Though, if it really happened, don’t tell your friends about Maplestory 2, they might throw you out), you can always farm World Bosses for  decent, and sometimes even crazy amounts of Mesos. Believe us, this is one of the most rewarding activities in Maplestory 2.

Another thing you should do is, venturing into the Premium Dungeon. If you are premium club member, you could be making around 400k Mesos a day. Not bad! However, remember to use your free red merits on this, if you, for some reason, still haven’t already.

If you are constantly going through the daily missions, you should strongly consider making alts, as those precious accounts will enable you to get a rich tab, which will eventually let you boost your profits to staggering 200k Mesos (or even more) a day! There is absolutely no reason to avoid doing so, as the character creation stage takes no more than 10 minutes.

Lastly, don’t hesitate venturing to PvP arena and farm those big elite bosses. Also, if you are keen on getting Treva, try going to the Obsidian mount. Not to mention, the hefty amount of Mesos you could farm in there. The Treva can be later used on gem dust. However, be prepared for tough fights, and as such, ensure you are fully geared.


Although Maplestory 2 is usually overlooked by some players (due to its childish layout), it is definitely one of the most entertaining and engaging experiences forany pro gamer. Maplestory 2 Meso farming is a fun experience on its own, not mentioning the games main story line, and the ability to share these moments with your friends.

We hope this Malplestory 2 guide enables you to become that ever-respected gamer, and that the tips and tricks offered within this guide allow you to fulfil all your Meso wants.