Best OSRS Gear Gold Can Buy


To buy the best gears available to a P2P (Pay to play) or F2P (Free to play) player, you will first need to get a hold of Old School RuneScape Gold. You can do that by either farming it in-game or by purchasing it online through a trusted 07 gold seller. Do be aware if you’re purchasing online as there are many fake websites out there waiting for customers to scam. A personal recommendation is to first do your research by checking the platform's reviews, surfing the internet, asking around, and only when you’re satisfied, then jump in to make your first purchase. So, without further ado, let’s look at our list of best gears you can buy with OSRS gold.

Attack Bonus Gear


The best in the slot for stab is Amulet of Torture, Bandos Chest Plate, Bandos Tassets, Treasonous Ring (I), Boots of Brimstone, Ghrazi Rapier and Zamorakian Spear. Amulet of Torture is an enchanted Zenyte amulet that required 75 hit points to equip. Bandos Chest Plate / Tassets are parts of the armour dropped by the god Bandos that provide a bonus in strength and require 65 defence to wield. Boots of Brimstone is a piece of slayer equipment that requires 75 strength and defence to equip. Ghrazi Rapier is a rare drop obtained from the “Theatre of Blood” and requires 75 levels in attack to wield. Similar to the rapier, Zamorakian Spear requires the same level to wield and is an item dropped by the Zamorak God K’ril Tsutsaroth.


The best in slot for slash is Warrior Helm, Bandos Set, Amulet of Torture, Primordial Boots, Warrior Ring, Blade of Saeldor and God Swords. Warrior Helm can be bought at the battle gear shop located in Rellekka, although it has two requirements; one being the completion of the quest “The Fremennik Trials” and the other is 45 defence. Primordial boots have the highest strength bonus compared to the other in-game. It requires 75 defence and strength to equip. Blade of Saeldor is a rare magical sword drop from “The Gauntlet” which requires 75 Attack to wield. There are four different god swords of the gods; Zamorak, Saradomin, Guthix and Bandos. These are two-handed weapons known for their special attacks and require 75 Attack to wield.


The best in the slot for crush is Inquisitor’s Set, Amulet of Torture, Primordial Boots, Tyrannical Ring (I), Inquisitor’s Mace and Elder Maul. Inquisitor’s items are a drop from the boss “The Nightmare”, who is a large, otherworldly creature. The set requires 70 strength & 30 defence to wear and the mace requires 75 Attack. Elder Maul is a two-handed weapon received as a reward from the chambers of xeric, requiring 75 Attack and strength to wield.


The best in the slot for magic is 3rd Age Amulet, Eternal Boots, Arcane Spirit Shield, Tormented Bracelet, Seers Ring (I), Kodai Wand and Ancestral Set; Ancestral Hat, Robe Top & Bottom. The 3rd Age Amulet is a reward from treasure trails and is a part of the 3rd Age Mage set. It requires 75 magic and 65 defence to wear. Eternal Boots provide the highest attack bonus relating to magic in-game and require level 75 in both defence & magic to equip. Arcane Spirit Shield is a rare drop from the Corporeal Beast and requires 65 magic, 75 defence and 70 Prayer to wear. Although you can use a Mage’s book, which is a lot cheaper and gives a +15 bonus. Just like Amulet of Torture, Tormented Bracelet is also an enchanted Zenyte item that has a requirement of 75 hit points to wear. The strongest wand in all of RuneScape is the Kodai Wand which can cast both ancient and standard spells. It requires 75 magic to wield. Ancestral items are obtained as a reward from the Chambers of Xeric which require levels 75 magic and 65 defence to equip.


The best in the slot for ranged is Necklace of Anguish, Pegasian Boots, Twisted Buckler, Archers Ring (I), Armadyl Crossbow and Heavy Ballista. The necklace of Anguish is also a Zenyte Enchanted item requiring the same level as the Tormented Bracelet to wear. Pegasian Boots provide the highest ranged attack bonus in-game and require levels 75 in both ranged & defence to wear. Twisted Buckler is a ranged class shield received as a reward from the Chambers of Xeric. It provides the best attack bonus in this slot and requires levels 75 defence and Ranged to wield. Armadyl Crossbow is an item drop from the Saradomin god Commander Zilyana and requires level 70 ranged to equip. Heavy Ballista is a two-handed weapon that requires 75 ranged to wield and uses javelins as ammunition.

Defence Bonus Gear


The best in the slot for stab is Justiciar Set, Amulet of Fury, Guardian Boots, Ancient Wyvern Shield, Ring of Suffering (I), Zamorakian Hasta, Dinh’s Bulwark. Justiciar items are rare drops from the Theatre of Blood and are counted as Saradomin items. They require a defence level of 75 to be worn. Amulet of Fury is counted as one of the most powerful amulets in-game because of its attack bonus and is made by enchanting an Onyx Amulet. Guardian Boots are an upgraded version of Bandos Boots that require 75 defence to wear. Ancient Wyvern Shield is one of the best magic shield in-game that is compared to the level of Arcane Spirit Shield. It requires 75 defence and magic to wield, along with the requirement of starting “Dragon Slayer I”. Zamorakian Hasta is an upgraded version of the normal one and is known as the fastest hasta in-game which required 70 Attack to use. Dinh’s Bulwark is a rare reward from the Chambers of Xeric, requiring 75 Attack and defence to equip.

Keep in mind that the equipment’s that are best in slots for Slash & Crush is the same as the equipment’s listed for Stab.


The best in the slot for magic is Amulet of Fury, Armadyl Chest Plate / Chain Skirt, Eternal Boots, Spectral Spirit Shield, 3rd Age Vambraces, Ring of Suffering (I), Kodai Wand. Armadyl Chest Plate & Chain Skirt are items drops from the Armadyl god Kree’arra. It provides the best magic defence bonus in-game, requiring 70 ranged and defence to equip. Spectral Spirit Shield is also a rare drop from the boss Corporeal Beast, and similar to the other spirit shields, it requires the same levels to equip. 3rd Age Vambraces are a part of the 3rd Age Ranged set that required 65 ranged and 45 defence to wear.


The best in the slot for ranged is Justiciar Set, Amulet of Fury, Guardian Boots, Dinh’s Bulwark, Zamorakian Hasta. Similar to Stab, Slash & Crush, ranged has the same defence setup.

Prayer Bonus Gear

The best in the slot for prayer is Mitre, Dragon Bone Necklace, Devout Boots, 3rd Age Druidic Robe Top / Bottom, Holy Wraps, Crozier, Ring of the gods (I). Mitre is a part of the god's vestment set which provides the highest prayer bonus for the head slot. There are six different mitres and they require 40 Prayer and magic to wear. Dragon Bone Necklace is the same as the item Bone Crusher when it comes to burying bones, but at the same time, it also acts as an item that provides a Prayer bonus, with a requirement of level 80 prayer to wear. Devout Boots provide the best footwear bonus for prayer in all of RuneScape and require a prayer level of 60 to wear. 3rd Age Druidic Top / Bottom are a part of the 3rd Age Druidic set that is both fancy and provides prayer bonus similar to Proselyte Set. It has a requirement of 65 Prayer to equip. Holy Wraps & Croziers are items from Treasure Trials that can be bought from players or the Grand Exchange. Wraps required 31 and Croziers require 60 Prayer to wield.