How to Spend OSRS Gold Wisely?


Gaming in the last few years has been full of surprises, such as celebrity cameos in AAA titles and indie smash hits that have come out of the blue. However, perhaps the biggest surprise is that Runescape or Old School Runescape, is still running and not just running, but thriving. This web browser title turned global RPG phenomenon has captured the imagination of gamers for the best part of two decades now and continues to grow its player base year on year.

So with that in mind, there is no time like the present to jump in or return to this wonderful title and enjoy the retro bliss that is OSRS. However, when you do jump in, you’ll want to get a leg up on other players, invest your gold wisely and mould a character that is up to the standard of the veteran players playing this game. So we have created a guide on how best to spend your gold in OSRS. Allowing you to invest wisely and get the most out of this game. Here is our Old School Runescape gold spending guide.

How to Spend Gold in OSRS

While there are many schools of thought on what is the best way to invest your gold, with none being the true correct way. There are plenty of wrong ways to spend your gold. Ways that will lead to you being penniless and investing real world money just to keep playing. So here we will list the best ways to spend your coins. Some are for progression; some are for fun but all of these methods have merit. Here is the list below:

Invest in skills: Obviously the way you choose to do this and the skills you choose to focus on will depend if you play P2P or F2P. However, regardless of which you play, there is always a skill that you can be improving that will help you down the line. Plus, having some maxed out 99 skills will make you the envy of those around you. There is a lot of talk around the subject but if you are a F2P player, the best skills to invest in are the likes of Crafting, Smithing, Magic and cooking for example as these are fast and inexpensive options.

Whereas if you are a P2P player, you may want to invest in more desirable skills such as Herblore and construction for example. It also depends on your build and playstyle as well but the bottom line is, if you have gold, be sure to reinvest this improving your character. If grinding for higher level isn't your favorite activity you can purchase leveled account from trusted sources. You can even buy maxed osrs account from any of these sites.

Buy Equipment: If you are quite happy with your characters stats but you are low on supplies, it can be beneficial to stock up on items you’ll need in the future. For example, you may need to stock up on arrows for your ranged weapon. Or alternatively, you may want to stock up on stamina potions so you can do more with your day. This really varies from player to player but if you are in need of supplies, invest.

Flex on your Friends: OSRS is a multifaceted game but first and foremost, it is a community-based game. Games of this nature rely on large player bases and the interactions between them and in OSRS, one of the common intercations you’ll see is flexing. This is when a character walks around the town in their fancy new armour, wielding a stylish new weapon or wearing a tasteful new hat. It may be quite shallow but you can’t deny that it feels good. So if you have money to spend on lavish things, why not do it.

These items tend to hold their value so there is rarely any risk. Plus, why shouldn’t you reap the benefits of a heaving bank balance? So spend irrationally if that’s how to wish to spend.

Spread the Wealth: There is also the option of flaunting your wealth in a more philanthropic way. Players who have just entered the game will be dying to get their hands on some gold to help them grow their character. So if you have money to share. You could have a little fun while you give it away. You could have a stranger dance for some gold, you could host drop parties and watch the frenzy before you. Or you could have someone work for you in exchange for payment. The details are up to you.

Wheel and Deal: If you have the gold to support it, you could become a rogue trader and make even more money. There are plenty of items in the game that you can acquire at a cut throat price and upsell to others for a profit. Flipping items can be an excellent way to generate revenue and it also makes use of the mountains of gold you have already. As they say, you need to spend money to make money.

Can You Sell Your Runescape Gold?

There are ways outside of the game where you can use your Runescape gold. If you have a lot of Runescape gold and you don’t have any intention of playing the game and progressing. You may want to sell your runescape gold and make real-world cash. As with most games of this nature, players will buy gold, accounts and other in-game assets from you, for a price. So if you have a lot of gold, you could have a killing. At the time of writing, the conversion rate of Runescape/OSRS gold to dollars is roughly $7.31 for every ten million gold. So if you are flushed with capital, you could top up your bank balance quite a bit.

This figure can fluxuate depending on if there is a shortage in gold within the economy which can happen from time to time. However, gold can also depreciate in value as well, so don’t wait to long to sell your gold.

What Are The Best Sites For Selling OSRS Gold?

Firstly, let us explain what these sites are. These are platforms that buy OSRS gold from gold farmers at a competitive price, then mark up and sell this gold to buyers. These sites offer a safe and secure method to purchase and sell your gold without soliciting deals on forums or dealing with potential scammers. These websites use top end encryption security, trusted payment methods and most of these sites have a wealth of positive reviews on trusted platforms like Trustpilot. Visit our listing page with the list of our top picks for buying and selling OSRS gold.

What are Runescape Bonds?

Another way that a player can make use of their OSRS coins is by purchasing RS bonds. These are in-game items that can be purchased outright for real world cash and grant players access to premium RS content. For example, if a player is to consume a RS bond, they will gain access to RS membership, keys and rune coins. These items are essential for players to have the true P2P experience that OSRS offers and while these can be bought online, you can also buy them with Runescape coins.

As these bonds are tradable commodities, players can hold on to their bonds and retain them, trade them or sell them to other players. As coins depreciate in value, bonds can be a very good investment if you want to retain your wealth long term. So if you want to gain access to premium items, simply seek out players who own bonds and purchase them with your OSRS coins.

Can You Change OSRS Gold to RS3/RS07 Gold?

Yes, you absolutely can. If you are bored playing a certain version of Runescape and you want to swap to the more up to date model. Then you can do that through many of the buy and sell websites that we listed above. These websites will allow you to swap between gold types and will take a small percentage as a transaction fee. The current exchange rate between the two gold types will also apply.

When you securely make this transaction online, you will typically be contacted by the platforms support team. They will then arrange a time and place within OSRS where they will meet with you to collect the gold. Then they will meet you in the new RS and they will deliver the new gold type minus their fee. This is a simple process and allows you to play multiple RS versions without the need for a fresh start.

Are There Any Ways I Shouldn’t Spend My OSRS Gold?

Of course, there are hundreds of ways that players can flit away their gold in Runescape. Some of which you could argue are fun, like gambling or buying expensive degradable armour. However, there are some that offer absolutely no benefit or fun factor to the player whatsoever and these would be the ones we would urge you to avoid.

While there are tonnes of poor spending habits. Perhaps the worst is spending gold completing tasks. We get it, time is a commodity and plenty of us simply don’t have the time to invest in hours of gaming. However, what we would say is, when you do carve out some time, don’t take shortcuts. You see, you can pay to complete tasks faster. However, the issue with that is that there is no XP benefit for the player, meaning that in the long run, you will pay much more to increase your skill levels. So the smart move is to invest your time doing some tedious tasks. As in the long run, you will thank yourself.

So that is our rundown on OSRS gold and the best ways to invest your in-game wealth in 2021. What do you make of our guide? Was this information helpful to you? Do you think there are more useful ways to spend your RS gold that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.