Top 10 OSRS Bosses to Farm for Gold


With the plethora of OSRS Bosses scattered across the map of Gielinor, it can easily leave adventurers like you overwhelmed wondering - who do I slay for the most gold? Wonder no more! GameZod have got you covered with our extensive top 10 list of the best bosses to Farm for OSRS Gold. We've got bosses that range from medium to high level combat requirements, as well as a nice mix of skill requirements. You're sure to find something that suits you! And as always, if you're unable to afford the high level gear that goes with slaying these monsters, you can always check our listing for Best OSRS gold sites where you can buy gold in efficient and safe manner. If your account lacks skills or combat level we also have listing of sites where you can buy OSRS accounts. With that all said, let's jump into the list and make some OSRS Gold!

Grotesque Guardians

These guardians are a pair of gargoyles named Dusk & Dawn that can be found on the rooftop of the Slayer Tower. The entrance to this arena can be found on the 3rd floor and to pass through, you must first obtain a brittle key as a drop from the normal gargoyles that can be killed when on a slayer task. Same as the other slayer bosses, grotesque guardians can only be killed when you’ve been assigned to kill gargoyles as a slayer task. Between the two guardians, the only dusk is considered as a gargoyle to progress further in a task, but if you have the perk “Double Trouble” unlocked, then both the guardians will be counted towards the progression of a task.

To start the fight, you must first ring the cloister bell that is located in the north section of the roof, which will then trigger a cut scene showing the awakening of the guardians. If you have killed the guardians five or more times already, then you can skip the triggering of the cut scene and directly start the fight. When you begin, the first attack dawn with ranged attacks because you cannot attack dusk during the first phase, and when her health reaches half, she will flee away and you can then start attacking dusk.

While fighting, there are moments when dusks wings may glow, and that is when you have to run away because it is an explosive attack that can deal up to 30 + damage. Another thing that you have to watch out for is the debris that falls from the roof, which deals 22 damage and stuns the player. When dawns health is half and is about to flee, she will cast a lightning attack that can continuously damage 5 – 10 per tick. Similarly, when dusk enters the battle, he will send out two energy spheres that grow in size over time, dealing total damage of 2 if absorbed immediately or 10 – 20 if absorbed later. Once dawn is defeated, the final phase will begin, where dusk absorbs her and switches his combat style to both ranged and melee, while dragging you into a prison of purple flames.

Dagannoth Kings

The kings of Waterbirth Island, also known as the Dagannoth Kings. They are a trio of level 303 NPCs that represent a combat triangle. All of them use a different combat method and are weak against the combat style that defeats them on the triangle. They are known for their unique ring drops, apart from Dagannoth Rex as he has two of these unique drops. These rings provide the best bonuses in-game, respective of their combat styles, and aside from that, these kings also have a chance of dropping a dragon axe.  

Prime uses magic attacks and you will need to activate ‘Protect from Magic’ while fighting against him. If you fail to use this prayer, the boss can damage up to 50 and easily kill you in just two hits. This boss is weak to ranged attacks, so a similar setup is recommended to defeat him. Rex uses melee attacks and he is quite easy to defeat. You can trap him by luring him to the edges of the islet where he can get stuck. He is weak to magic attacks. Finally, Dagannoth Supreme, whose aggro is somewhere between prime and rex and is also easy to defeat. His hits are weaker than primes and harder than rex and can hit multiple targets if they’re facing towards him. This boss is weak to melee attacks.

Apart from the kings, there are NPCs called Sipnolyps that can be annoying even though they are weak and deal less damage, and that is because they can poison you through their ranged attacks, as well as drop-down your prayer points through their magic attacks. So, watch out for them and do bring an anti-poison along with you.


A snake boss with a combat level of 725 that can only be harmed with combat styles; Ranged and Magic. It is immune to attacks related to melee, but you can still reach out to it with the help of a halberd. To fight against this boss, you must first complete the quest “Regicide” to the point where you reach Port Tyras, and before starting the fight, you will first have to talk to the High Priestess named Zul-Harcinqa and offer yourself as a sacrifice to gain access to the boat that will take you to the boss.

Throughout the fight with Zulrah, he will rotate around the U-shaped island, while switching forms between ranged and magic. So, you will have to use both the combat style to defeat him. Apart from using forms like ranged or magic, he can also use melee attacks, as well as spawn snake-lings that are a smaller version of himself. At times he will also spit out toxic clouds that deal rapid damage and poison you if you’re standing on one. The poison can be avoided if you’re wearing a serpentine helm, which can be very effective during your battle with this boss.

You can easily distinguish and protect yourself from Zulrah’s attacks by watching out for the form of colour he is in. If his colour is green, then he will attack with ranged style and will be weakened to magic attacks. Once 2 minutes pass, zulrah will turn into his green form and start to attack with both ranged and magic attacks, which is kind of similar to the boss JAD in the fight caves. Blue formed Zulrah attacks with magic and ranged attacks while being weakened to ranged attacks. Although he attacks with both styles in this form, it is recommended to use protect from magic, as he more often uses magic-based attacks. The red form distinguishes his melee attacks, where he simply swings his tail and it can easily be avoided by moving away. Getting hit by a melee attack can deal great damage and at the same time stun you.


This boss is first encountered during the quest “Dragon Slayer II”. He is a draconic boss who was created by Zorgoth during the Dragonkin Conflicts, and this dragon was one of his subjects that survived the experiments held under the Dragonkin Fortress located on Ungael. Zorgoth abandoned Vorkath because he lacked aggression and was left out to distract the humans that enter the island. The Vorkath encountered during the quest is a lot weaker than the one that can be fought later on, but they do share the same attack patterns. Aside from that, he is considered as a blue dragon when assigned on a slayer task, and as his nature is undead, the slave amulet can come in handy against him.

Vorkath uses ranged and magic attacks if you’re standing at a distance, and melee attacks if you’re standing close to him. Just like the KBD (King Black Dragon), Vorkath uses venomous, regular and prayer disabling dragon fires. His final attack is a fireball launched into the air, which must be dodged to avoid damage, and his dragon fire is a lot stronger than the other dragons, so more blocks of protection is required against him. He has two special attacks where he can freeze you while summoning a zombified spawn that explodes after coming in contact with you. Exploding deals with total damage of 61, so it is important to be alert. In the second attack, he can launch acid pools, while rapidly spitting fireballs at you.

Corporeal Beast

Corporeal Beast is a large monster that resides in its lair. The area can be accessed by either a games necklace or through the main entrance located in level 21 wilderness, just east of the Graveyard of Shadows. It has total hit points of 2,000, along with a high defence and damage reduction of 50 % on all weapons apart from spears, halberds and magic-based attacks. Leaving the arena in the middle of the fight will regenerate corps health back to full. He is the only in-game NPC that drops arcane, elysian and spectral sigils, along with holy elixir and spirit shield.

Ironmen who are of combat level 90 or higher have access to a separate corporeal beast room, whereas all the normal accounts have the same room. Although magic attacks deal full damage against him, it is still inaccurate to use, and “Protect from Magic” protection prayer does not completely block the corps magic attacks, instead it reduces 33.33 % of the damage. Another thing to keep in mind while fighting the beast is that a dark energy core can randomly spawn and start to reduce your hit points while healing the beast. So, you shouldn’t stand adjacent to it.

KBD (King Black Dragon)

A three-headed level 276 dragon located deep in the wilderness, making him one of the strongest dragons in all of OSRS. Since his dragon fire breath is quite deadly, you shouldn’t take him so lightly and make sure that you’re carrying an anti-dragon shield before going into battle with him. A KBD kill is counted towards a black dragon slayer task. Although the entrance to his lair is from the wilderness, his lair is not a part of it, so it is a safe zone and players can’t attack each other in the area. An instanced version of KBD can also be opened for a total of 50,000 gold coins and his spawn time after a kill is 8 seconds.

KBD is also known for poisoning and reducing the player's stats, so remember to carry an anti-poison, as well as super restore potion along with you. His dragon breath can deal up to the damage of 65 if you have no protection prayer on, and generally hits 15 if you have an anti-dragon shield. If you want to completely block his attacks, it can be done by using both antifire potions an anti-dragon shield. Similar to Vorkath, KBD also has three unblock-able breaths (Shock, Poison and Freeze), and with the help of an antifire potion, you can block 75% of the attacks. Protect from Magic protection prayer plays no role here, and doesn’t block any dragon fire attacks dealt by the boss.

Giant Mole

A boss that can be found in the mole lair located under the Falador park and requires a spade to enter the tunnels. Since the tunnels are dark, a light source is also needed here, so a bullseye lantern or kandain headgear can come in handy, but you can also use candles, torches or oil lamps. You will also need a tinderbox if you’re using an unprotected light source like candles, as the mole can extinguish it when it retreats. Players with 99 Fire Making can bring their skill cape to act as a light source that cannot be extinguished by the boss. Similarly, if you have completed the quest “Making Friends with My Arm”, then you won’t need a light source as everything will already be lit within the lair.

Attacking the mole while equipping serpentine helm or other venomous items can grant you a chance to poison him. The best way to kill the mole is with full Dharok equipment and 1 hp with protection from melee prayer on. Having completed the Falador hard diary is also recommended, as you will be rewarded with a Falador shield that can help you know the whereabouts of the mole.


A hellhound boss with a combat level of 318 located in the dungeons of Taverley. The entrance of its cave is in the north-east section of the hellhound area. She requires a slayer level of 91 to fight and can only be approached when on a hellhound assigned slayer task. The main drops from Cerberus are the pegasian, primordial and eternal crystals that are used on ranger, dragon and infinity boots to upgrade them.

She attacks with all three attack styles, and each one hits deals a maximum of 23 damage. You can distinguish the attacks as magic appears as a grey ball, melee is when she approaches to bite and ranged appears as a ball of spikes. During the battle, she also spits three fireballs that indicates the next stage, and this is one after every 200 hit points that is reduced. Aside from that, she has the power to summon three souls that indicates her howling, and these souls attack with each combat style while lowering your prayer by 30 if blocked, or damage of 30 on hit points if you don’t block. This howling is done after every 400 hit points that are reduced.

Abyssal Sire

This slayer boss requires a slayer level of 85 to kill and cannot be killed without being on an abyssal demon or sire related slayer task. Sires are engineers of the abyss since the earlier times of the god wars and as they didn’t have any means to escape, they decided to construct the nexus and reside here. The abyssal sire can be found south of the rune crafting abyss and can safely be entered through the fairy ring (Code d* I*p). Another way is to directly through the abyss, but the only flaw is that the area drains prayer points if an abyssal bracelet is not equipped. Sires are famous for their “UNSIRED” item drop, which can be used at the Font of Consumption located behind the overseer to get a chance to obtain an abyssal head, whip, dagger, jar of miasma, or other untradeable parts of the abyssal bludgeon, like the claw, spine or the axon. There’s also a chance of obtaining an abyssal orphan pet.

The battle has three phases. In the first one, focus on killing the four respiratory systems located on the sides of the room to refrain the boss from healing himself. During the second phase, the sire leaves his throne and starts using melee attacks, where at the same time he also summons NPCs called spawns to create poisonous pools under the player. Although spawns aren’t that harmful at first, they do turn into scions 10 seconds later and start to deal more damage. In the final phase when sire reaches half of his health, he will start to throw miasma pools across the whole room, and with 33 % hit points remaining, he will teleport you to him and trigger a high damaging attack.

Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil is a boss who is a greater and much stronger version of the smoke devils. He can be found in the smoke devil dungeon, just south of Castle Wars and requires a slayer level of 93 to kill. You cannot kill a thermonuclear smoke devil without being on a smoke devil slayer task. Being the only boss the drops smoke battle staff and smoke devil pet, it also has a chance in dropping an occult necklace. Bring a dwarf multi cannon along with you is pointless as you cannot use it inside the boss room, and if you do attempt to do so, it will be destroyed, which is similar to the areas of KBD & KQ.

Good luck farming all these OSRS Bosses!