Warframe Platinum Farming Guide


Warframe is a free-to-play game with an inbuilt currency called ‘Platinum.’ As a Warframe player, you could either choose to buy platinum with real life money, or you could make it yourself in-game. So, if you’re wondering how to farm platinum in Warframe, we’ve got you covered! This guide explores the latter of the two options, as we’ve 

got a bunch of methods lined up for you to soon be swimming in platinum.

Riven Mods


The first method is our personal favourite – Riven Mods! Keep in mind, this method is quite hard to get used to, but it’s definitely worth it! Doing riven bonds properly can net you multiple thousands of platina. 

Riven mods are based around the system that each reward has a riven disposition. Therefore, a higher disposition means that a weapon is quite uncommon, and therefore has a higher chance to give great buffs to you, like a damage increase. On the contrary, if a riven has a low disposition, it may correlate to a common, less powerful weapon with low to no buffs attached. 

However though, you could always just buy unrolled riven mods for the price of 50-100 platinum and reroll them for good stats when you are platinum farming. An example of this technique being used is when the Ignis Wraith had first arrived in the game. You could’ve bought the mod for about 50 platinum, and after rerolling it with Kuva, you can get very lucky and hit items that are worth thousands of platina.

Additionally, you could always just buy veiled riven mods and hold onto them for your platinum farming. Whenever a new weapon, or new prime access drops, you can go and unveil the riven mod. In doing so, there’s a change you can get lucky and get a riven for the new weapon that’s released. Though it is heavily based on luck, if you do strike lucky, you’ll be raking in massive amounts of platinum. For example, you could’ve bought a veiled mod when the Sybaris Prime was releasing. After unveiling it, you could’ve received a Sybaris Mod and sold it for a very respectable 500 platinum.


Lucky for you and your platinum farming journey, platinum in Warframe is tradable, meaning that you can exploit it to make massive profits. As the majority of the items you’ll find in Warframe don’t have trade restrictions, there’s no excuse not to put in the work to get an item you can sell. Don’t know which items to get? No worries, we’ve got a few recommendations.

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First, has got to be relics. You should be aware which prime parts are currently in vogue and not vaulted and find out how do some Warframe farming in order to get them. The players in Warframe would be happy to give you a chunk of platinum for some blueprints, as well as random parts and items. In order to accumulate some relics, we prefer doing endless missions, as well as Tenno Zone. Simply jump into any 20-minute survival, or 20 wave defense to get yourself a few relics. After some Warframe farming, you’ll eventually get your hands on some valuable relics.

Next, make sure you take advantage of trade chat. If you’re aware of how much mods and parts and other items are worth, you’ll be making a lot of profit by simply buying items for cheaper than their value, and then selling them for higher prices. All you’ll need for this is some extensive game knowledge, and then with some patience, you’ll be set!



Another top method to gain platinum in your journey to find how to farm platinum in Warframe, is syndicate weapons. Let’s jump straight into the action.

Firstly, you’ll need to equip all your frames which have syndicate sigils. Once you’ve done that, simply play as you normally would, and you’ll be earning syndicate standing with a faction. After quite a lot of intense Warframe farming, the syndicate points will stop accumulating at your daily cap, but you can increase this daily cap as you increase your mastery rank, then head back to the Warframe farming.


After maxing your standing with a syndicate, you can then use all the standing to buy syndicate weapons, as well as mods which can rake in profit, anywhere from 20 to 40 platinum usually, if you select the best items. If you’re currently unaware, you can use syndicate points to buy weapon parts, augment mods, as well as special weapons.

This is what we like to call the syndicate route. If you’re unaware if the syndicate route, it’s quite simple! All you need to do is play the game as you normally would, and you’ll be earning syndicate points. With those syndicate points, just buy some gear and resell it. We recommend that you purchase the mods (we’ll touch on mods a little later) and stay away from weapons. As always, you should consult the current market prices, and see what is most profitable for you.

For example, if you’re able to farm around 100,000 syndicate points a week, you can quite easily sell those items for a lot of platinum. So, if you’re maximizing both your syndicates, you can get about 2 items per week, resulting in hundreds upon hundreds of platina per month. Not bad, right?

Prime Parts

Another well-known and common (but still works!) method to acquire platinum is prime parts. More specifically, acquiring the prime parts then reselling them on either the market or the trade chat. The typical theory goes that if your prime part is quite rare, it would sell for quite a lot of platinum. Well, how do you know if your prime part is even rare? Well, you should check an online database which lists accurate and up to date price checks. Additionally, you could also use the sales advertisements features on websites and forums online to advertise your goods, so that you’re not stuck in the trade chat for hours upon hours looking for a sale while Warframe farming. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but if you’re in desperate need for some platinum, just sell your prime parts for a lower price than what others are selling for. But if you’re patient, leave them in for the normal price, and eventually you’ll find a sale and start making some profit.

To get prime parts, you should be completing as many missions as you can. As prime parts have a very low chance of being awarded to you after completing any mission. So, it’s important that you try improving your chance of getting prime parts (more importantly, the rare prime parts). To do so, you’ll need to refine your relics whenever you’re capable to and use the recruitment chat to run missions with other likeminded players for a certain prime part.

Make sure you’re always keeping note of the Warframe news, and whenever prime parts are being unvaulted. If you see a prime part about to get unvaulted, ensure that you grind it out and get as many as you can before they become unvaulted. This is due to their prices most probably surging, allowing you to capitalize on the situation.

As we touched on before, you could always just flip (buy low, sell high) a bunch of prime parts. If you’re unfamiliar on how to do so, simply buy a prime part for a price that is lower than the normal market price, and then sell them for either the normal market price, or if you’re feeling bold - higher than market price.

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Corrupted Mods

A more lucrative method to obtain platinum in Warframe has got to be corrupted mods. Similar to when you’ll be selling prime parts, and other miscellaneous item (such as when you’re flipping), you’ll have to keep in mind the market prices of the items you’re looking for. Some corrupted mods you get while Warframe farming are absolute gold mines, and can be very profitable, while others are complete junk and shouldn’t even be messed with.

You could also attain some corrupted mods via doing vault runs. This vault runs can get 

quite tedious overtime, but if you stick to the platinum farming, your commitment will pay off, as you could get your hands on some expensive corrupted mods, such as Overextended or Blind Rage. These mods can go for around 20 to 40 platinum, which is quite favourable. You’ll probably need a 4 man help with this, so go search for help in the recruitment chat.

Dual Stat Element Mods

To get your hands on some dual stat element mods, you’ll need to go search for some spy missions, and its counterparts of other level 40 missions, as those places are where dual stat element mods are rewarded. It’s important, due to their fluctuations in price, that you do your research before selling these dual stat element bonds. As you can’t farm these mods like you farm prime parts and syndicate gear, you’ll still be able to make some quick platinum if you get your hands on some.

And there you have it – our comprehensive guide on how to farm platinum in Warframe. Let us know how it goes, and we wish you good luck in your endeavors to amass crazy amounts of platinum.