Items Worth Spending Gold in WoW Classic


Today we are going to and talk about the 10 most exclusive items you can spend your WoW classic gold on. The main context of this article is to show you how important gold can be in-game. We do know that players require gold mostly for raids to buy consumables, but what players don’t know is that there are many valuable items to buy, rather than spending most of the gold on consumables and other miscellanies. So, let’s begin!

As we’re already aware that although grinding to earn in-game gold can be fun, it can also be time-consuming. So, rather than using your daily energy to grind raids, mobs etc, a simpler suggestion is to buy WoW Classic account or gold. Buying in-game gold via an online platform can be risky, but to minimize that risk, GameZod has overviewed the best WoW Classic gold selling sites.

The Eye of Shadow

Eye of the shadow is one of the parts required for the legendary priest quests called the balance of light & shadow, where priests obtain their benediction, as well as the anathema staff. This item is dropped from one of the world bosses, elite demons south of winter-spring, as well as the elite demons in the south-western section of the blasted lands. Another way to acquire is by buying it, which is done by most of the players in-game as farming this item can be difficult. This is also one of the main reasons why this item is so expensive.

Cloud Keeper Leg Plates

This is a very good piece of item for warriors and retribution paladins. It has a pretty interesting use effect as it grants you a hundred attack power for thirty seconds, but it also has a fifteen-minute cooldown. These are a pretty good pair of pants if you’re looking into top verse DPS meters and they also have good stats, with 20 strength, 20 stamina and 20 agility.

Freezing Band

This is arguably the best in slaughtering for mages in PVP specifically. It also has a benefit in Naxxramas as it provides ten frost row systems and it also increases your damage by a fair bit. But the most important and interesting thing about this ring is the equip effect that has a one percent chance of freezing any attackers that hit you. A good strategy is to use this ring, and when the attackers get frozen, switch to DPS mode and finish them off.

The Hand of Edward the Odd

This item has a two percent chance of cracking a buff that will make your next spell an instant cast. It can be used on high system and other mechanics, making it a really fun weapon to use, but then again it is just a two percent proc from melee hits. It requires a spellcaster to go in and melee hit to obtain this proc. It is still a pretty expensive item and can be known to be useful for Holy Paladin’s who would mell a weave on longer boss fights to utilize the seal of wisdom.

The Pendulum of Doom

This is one of the rearest items in the World of Warcraft, as well as the retailed version. This item is dropped from certain mobs inside of Uldaman, having a 0.02 % drop rate and making it a rare drop from a dungeon that players don’t spend a lot of time on. It is a level 39 item dropped from Muradin or Scholar Mastery and is the best slot item for level 39 twinks, especially for warriors, paladins and enhancement shamans.

Lionheart Helm & Titanic Leggings

Both these items are best in slots for warriors throughout all of the classics, with a slight exception from some warriors that you can obtain better leggings in Naxxramas. Both these require a special recipe to craft, which you need to obtain first and then you’ll need 300 smithing to learn the recipe, as well as a ton of materials to craft each item. They make the best in use, as well as the best in profit items available in-game, as players are ready to pay a good sum of gold to buy or to craft the item for them.

Teebu's Blazing Longsword

This is a very good sword for melee DPS, not the best of course, but comparably genuine. What’s truly amazing about this item is the unique appearance that makes it look like a fiery light sabre sword, and at the same time, it gives you a status symbol in-game. This sword was wielded by a legendary dwarf in the olden times and it is one of the first epics to be ever obtained in the World of Warcraft. There’s a picture of a dwarf wielding this sword and has become a vanillas history, which is also the reason why it sells for as much as it does.

Edge Master's Head Guards

One of the most overpowered items that you can obtain in-game. It might not look that impressive since it doesn’t have any stats, but it does increase your skill in pretty much any weapon you’re going to use. Especially as a warrior, it increases the skill of axes, swords and daggers by seven, which is a good bonus while fighting a boss with high defense. It will help increase your DPS while lowering the chances of you missing a hit on the target.

Sulfuron Hammer

Crafting this item requires tons of materials from basic to expensive. To craft this hammer, you will need eight sulfuron ingots, 20 dark iron bars, 50 arcanite bars, 25 essences of fire, 10 blood of the mountain, 10 lava cores and 10 fiery cores. These materials are quite expensive, especially the ingots and bars that may cost you thousands of gold coins. This item is also used to make the legendary Hand of Rangnaros when combines with the Eye of Sulfuras, which is the main reason for it being expensive as you can turn it into a legendary item.

Beast's Deck

Beast’s deck is used to obtain the item dark moon card: blue dragon. This is a good item for mana healers that are struggling with mana issues or just healers in general. The ace of the beast, which is another requirement is only dropped from the beast’s faire trinket, making it quite expensive because the ACE is difficult to obtain.